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On: Tinder, etc.

Last month, I divulged the inner-workings of my brain in terms of commitment issues that aren’t actually commitment issues so I could preface this (not so intimidating) post about Tinder – the notoriously shallow dating app created for folk that enjoy objectifying members of the opposite sex in their spare time. Like everyone else, I […]

On: Pseudo-Commitment Issues

Boys. I’m a fan of them, and I’m sure you are too. Whether or not you’re single, admitting that you appreciate the male species (as a whole) is not a difficult feat. However, acknowledging the aforementioned and actively seeking out a relationship are not necessarily synonymous – and I can be the first one to […]

On: Why 2013 Was The Biggest Year Of My Life

After convincing myself that I was a (mostly) stable and predominantly independent/~thriving~ young women, I made the executive decision to move out of my parents’ house in the suburbs to live with a girl I met on Neopets more than a decade ago in the heart of downtown Toronto. Considering the fact that I struggled […]


Hat: H&M Dress: Kimchi Blue via Urban Outfitters Coat: Kate Moss for Topshop Leggings: H&M Boots: Shellys London via Capezio (buy here) I’m not really complaining, but the weather suddenly dipped below 20 degrees and I’m now stranded in my new condo with very few weather-appropriate pieces to my name. Of course, amongst all the […]

My Body Is An H&M Archive

  Necklace: Lanvin loves H&M Top: H&M Clutch: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Skirt: Kastor & Pollux (buy here) Shoes: Marni at H&M My body is an H&M archive. My existence is an H&M archive. Since it came to Canada when I was in elementary school, I have shamelessly (and consistently) cited H&M as my […]

A Week In Montreal

As you may or may not know, I spent the past week frolicking around Montreal with my blogger BFF Alyssa. I’ve been anticipating this trip since we booked tickets back in May – not only because our main destination was a music festival, but because this trip signified “relaxing” for more than one day at […]


  Dress: H&M Shirt: Agyness Deyn x Dr. Martens Boots: Chloe A couple of questions for you: 1) How often can I wear this shirt tied around my waist until it becomes socially unacceptable? 2) How do I even wear these boots? Out of all the silly shoes I own, these are my absolute favourites […]

The Great Indoors

    Hat: H&M Jacket: H&M Earrings: H&M Short-alls: Urban Outfitters Shirt: American Apparel Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Bag: Matt & Nat via Capezio Last weekend was pretty lame, but I’ve bounced back to my un-lame-feeling self – caught up on my work (for the most part) and only feeling em0tionsz in regards to Friday’s #BrideDay […]


  Dress (worn open): Wilfred via Aritzia Bandeau: Brandy Melville Bag: H&M Pants: Margiela at H&M Shoes: Zara Noteworthy notes: 1) Sorry if I look sad in these photos. It’s just my fashion face. 2) My mini ponytail is getting ~dangerous~. See: photo 1. 3) I’m spending too much time outside which is why I […]

Powder Blue Blues

  Dress: c/o Motel Rocks (buy here) Sunglasses: Zara Earrings: H&M Shoes: Zara We were originally supposed to shoot our matching off-the-shoulder dresses from Motel Rocks together, but Bianca got way too excited and shot hers by herself. Although I wasn’t impressed at first, I realized that I was probably ~better off by myself~ anyway. […]