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Happy Biebzday!!

ATTN: Justin Bieber is officially a man. Today marks Jbieb’s 20th birthday – AKA he is no longer a teenager AKA our love for him is a little less creepy AKA it’s time to ~celebrate~. And what better way to celebrate than with a few pics of Dani, Bianca and the ~itty bitty~ Biebz over […]

For Love & Lemons Holiday 2012

I came across this lookbook on Ashley’s blog over at Purse ‘n Boots and my jaw dropped. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in ages – so awesome I had to share, even though I don’t typically post lookbooks! It was shot by Zoey Grossman and styled by Ashley herself, for westerny gothicesque […]


Guys!!! Look at me!!! I finally have some sort of non-sexual body harness after wanting one for literally two years!!! I got mine off Asos on sale I’m very impressed with myself currently. I have to admit, though, if I had money falling out of my rear end I’d definitely splurge on the original Fleet […]

February Air

Here’s a set of totally random inspiration photos that I’ve either always loved to look at or come across just recently. I’m a big sucker for anything alternative, muted colours, and interesting photography. source source source source source source source source


I know that as of late I’ve made it obvious that I will probably never update this blog in terms of style posts as frequently as I used to. I, however, have a very valid excuse: I have been dressing the same every single day and have an irrational fear that my readers will become […]

The Calm Before The Storm

Hello all! I am here to shamelessly promote Kastor & Pollux product as well as my friend Lawrence Cortez as a photographer. Please don’t close your browser in an attempt to avoid unanticipated $$mad money$$ spending! I promise you won’t regret it, for below lies aesthetically pleasing photos of an extremely handsome individual with swoon-worthy […]

a conglomeration of things

I have an outfit post lined up for tomorrow, but first, I have a few miscellaneous things that I’ve been enjoying as of late! 1) Sylvia from Beautycakez on Kastor & Pollux and our unconventional friendship skip to 3:50, if you’d like! She explains it better than I’m going to, but basically I met Sylvia […]


Here’s a small mashup of images from the depths of my inspiration folder. I have the horrible habit of saving images off tumblr without their sources, (terrible!!!), so if you have any idea where these images originated from…let me know. 1) Devon Aoki from Unknown 2) J Crew 3) Abbey Lee from Unknown 4) Unknown […]


It’s almost 3 A.M. but I’m still enthusiastically adding to my growing collection of inspiration photos. After spending hours on end doing this and being repeatedly (and peculiarly) interested in pale girls with enough facial piercings to weigh their faces down and hair that only Cyndi Lauper circa 1983 would envy (as well as other […]