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K&P Turns 3 Years Old!!!

  **HAPPY THIRD BDAY, KASTOR & POLLUX!!!!** Though the *big day* is technically tomorrow, there’s nothing wrong with a few premature haikus, right? Hi everyone. Ema and Olivia here. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months since we joined the K&P team. It seems like just yesterday that we slipped into our unicorn onezies […]

#TBT: The Art Of Cross-Coordination (part 2)

Because we’ve put *too much* information about ~The Art Of Cross-Coordination~ on the interwebs, we had to split this comprehensive #TBT post up into two parts. Last week, we reminisced on our younger yearzzz – revisiting what it felt like to 1) dress like wild things, 2) dress like we’re going to a fancy ice […]

#TBT: The Art Of Cross-Coordination (part 1)

Hi friends! Please brace yourselves for (part 1) of the most extensive (and nonsensical) #TBT post in the history of #TBT posts! Maybe I’m a little bit biased, but after sharing the following images repeatedly over the past year and a half, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Bianca and I are […]

Happy Biebzday!!

ATTN: Justin Bieber is officially a man. Today marks Jbieb’s 20th birthday – AKA he is no longer a teenager AKA our love for him is a little less creepy AKA it’s time to ~celebrate~. And what better way to celebrate than with a few pics of Dani, Bianca and the ~itty bitty~ Biebz over […]


*CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE VERSION OF THIS CARD* Hooray! ‘Tis the season of LUV!!! Well, not quite yet. But, we decided to post this a bit early to give you ample time to print the Valentine’s Day card above. Mount it on cardboard or fold it or something, and give it to your […]

It’s ~National Answer Your Cat’s Question~ Day!

(No seriously, we didn’t make it up. Google it.) Ema and Olivia here! We all know that Dani & Bianca ~love~ to celebrate (especially when the celebration at hand involves cats), so naturally we had to make a special video for National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day! We decided to have some fun with theMy […]

Very Important Birthday Gif for Very Important Human

The fact that it’s 3:00am and I’m a insomnia-ridden procrastinator may be a huge contributor to why all of the above exists, but regardless, please accept it as a token of my ~luv~ and not as a mean way to bring our /past/ to the /present/. 4EVER AND ALWAYS, Dani

Twin Love

Before we begin, please head over to’s LB is For Lovers contest and give us your daily heart so we can donate $2000 to puppies in need!!! Here‘s my look and here‘s Bianca’s!!! Please! Thank you!     On Dani: H&M top, Emily Woudenberg necklace, Kastor & Pollux skirt and shorts On Bianca: Kastor […]

CITY OF ANGELS: Petra Collins for Rookie

To see the entire set, head over to RookieEarlier this month, I had the pleasure of shooting with one of my favourite Toronto-based photographers, Petra Collins, for one of my favourite online endeavours, Rookie Magazine, run by my teenage idol, Tavi Gevinson. Petra and I crossed paths back in October when I lurked in the…general […]

NEW.MUSIC.LIVE / Life Through Instagram

About a month ago, Bianca and I had the opportunity to film a lil segment for Much Music’s New.Music.Live. Though we’re really no strangers to the camera (wahhh), filming for television was a completely different and surreal experience for both of us. I spent the last couple of weeks eagerly anticipating the final edit, and […]