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Food vs. Shoes

If anybody knows me at all, they know that I absolutely love weird shoes, food, and adding unnecessary stress to my already busy life (Kastor & Pollux seasonal lines… capsule collections… my part-time retail job… freelance writing at blogTO… picking fights with my boyfriend… photo shoots… DIY’ing my clothes… an internship at Magwood Vintage Boutique… […]

florida photo diary

As promised, here is a collection of incoherent photos from my trip to Florida. They’re not nearly as fashion-y as much as they are stupid, but hopefully the handful of Harry Potter insignias are enough to keep you interested. From top to bottom: Beach at sunset, Marcel the monkey, the walk, burritos for dinner, tacky […]


Getting my makeup done with Liliana from Phoenix Beauty Lounge earlier this month… Photographed by Svetlana Zaicenco Photos from our photoshoot to come soon


This term I had coincidentally coordinated my schedule with one Lawrence Cortez, who I had previously but briefly met years ago but never actually spent time with. After realizing that we have a lot in common i.e. hate doing homework, are anti-social towards the other fashion students, wish we went to college instead of wasting […]

inventory / happy thanksgiving

The timing of this post is a pathetically accurate representation of modern day consumer culture and human-kinds inherent and conscious efforts for the acquisition of an excessive amount of material goods. I’m not even going to try and justify my actions because I’m well aware that I am the epitome of a Westernized chump caught […]

Etsy Shop Update!

I know this isn’t the blog post you were expecting after my apparent almost two-week hiatus, but I adjusted a few prices on the older items in my Etsy shop and I added a bunch of new things! Most of them I’ve worn in past posts. You guys liked them on me so maybe you’ll […]

Galaxy Nails

I have never been an avid nail polish artist due to my apparent laziness and unsteady left hand, but after seeing so many crafty photos of girls who dress up their nails and take a picture holding the nail polish bottle (mostly on tumblr), I just had to make this post in honour of my […]

Etsy Update!

This weekend has been so busy I haven’t found the time to update my etsy, until now. There’s a few more things I’ll be adding later on but click through the image below to see what I already posted! Sorry that the pictures don’t do the garments any justice; I can’t be bothered to put […]