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Festival Fashun With Call It Spring!

Lolz if you didn’t already know by now, COACHELLA STARTS 2MORROW. And even though we’re stuck in Toronto (and not the desert, duh) we’re still staring at an array of Call It Spring shoezz that would be perfect if we were participating in any cool music festival activities. But alas, we’re not. But that doesn’t […]

WINTER LOOKBOOK: Kastor & Pollux x Topshop x Tyler Spangler

The production of our winter lookbook was a long and gruelling road; filled with lots of hypothetical blood and sweat, and lots of real tearz. Luckily for us, we recruited a ~dream team~ of amazingly talented individuals to help us embark on this project… and then spent approximately one thousand hours hanging out in the […]

Floral Suit

  Floral suit courtesy of Front Row Shop The spring 2013 collection over at Front Row Shop dropped a few weeks ago, so I’ve been patiently waiting since then to receive my new floral suit in the mail. When it finally appeared on my doorstep a couple of days ago, I was super excited to […]

The Not-So-Extensive Gift Guide

You see a figure cloaked in shadows laying on the ground a few paces ahead. Your heart drops and you immediately begin to quicken your approach. You finally reach it and a small gasp escapes your mouth as you realize what it is… It’s Bianca’s blog. You grab a nearby stick and poke it a […]

Two months of absolute ridiculousness over at Messeca

If you’ve been following Danielle and I on Twitter, you probably know all about our totally silly and slightly embarrassing escapades in collaboration with Messeca. For the past 8 weeks we’ve been guest blogging for them under a series called ~Cross-Coordination: An 8-Step Program~ which is essentially a set of guides dedicated to dressing in […]

BaubleBar Sale

I don’t typically cover sales but this one’s got me all excited. I also get to use this new shop-the-look app that’s all scrolly and fun etc. I quit my part-time retail job so I’ll have loads of time to do sad things on the internet like window-shop and HTML code things!!! There’s nothing I […]