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NYFW Day 4

As our super fun weekend came to a close, we spent Sunday morning taking selfies with Natalie to commemorate her way-too-short stay with us. The girl seriously deserves kudos for putting up with our Justin Bieber blasting/sing-a-longing, constant tea drinking, early sleeping, and seemingly endless arguments over which fluffy coat to wear on what day. […]

Very Serious Outfit Video #1

Coat: Vintage Top: Kain Skirt: Vintage Shoes: Miista Coat: Zara (sold out, buy similar here or here) Top: Vintage (buy similar here) Scarf: Hand-me-down from Mom (buy similar here) Shorts: Club Monaco (sold out, buy similar here or here) Boots: Tinley Road (sold out, buy similar here) Leave reactions in the comments below. Thank you.

How to: Fake thick eyebrows

As I mention at the beginning of this video, I’ve been getting quite a few questions about how I do my eyebrows, so here’s my first-ever how-to makeup video. Forgive me if it’s too weird, long, or uninformative. I did the best I could!!!

Pugs vs. Humans

We began our online ~fashion~ endeavours back in 2008, and have been dabbling in vlog-type videos since 2010. If by any chance you’ve been following us since then, you’ll probably remember the plethora of silliness (AND KNEE-SLAPPING COMEDY) that we semi-frequently posted to our old channel. In light of this NEW YEAR and also Spidy-senses […]

NEW.MUSIC.LIVE / Life Through Instagram

About a month ago, Bianca and I had the opportunity to film a lil segment for Much Music’s New.Music.Live. Though we’re really no strangers to the camera (wahhh), filming for television was a completely different and surreal experience for both of us. I spent the last couple of weeks eagerly anticipating the final edit, and […]

Darling Dress

Dress: c/o Darling Jacket: c/o Jovonna London Socks: Club Monaco “Sophie” shoes: c/o Messeca (buy here or here) It’s the week just before Toronto Fashion Week so I’ve barely got any time to myself lately. My life is TOO hectic right now so I’m totally going to skip out on writing in full sentences… – […]

Woven Skirts and Mushroom Clouds

Click to enter the first ever Kastor & Pollux giveaway! Yesterday Danielle and I did some editing for our vintage capsule collection being released within the next month. Aside from some very hard work, we also had some silly/fun times including putting my hair into rollers and combing the curls out to form an afro. […]


Enter the Kastor & Pollux Umbra Necklace Giveaway! My friend Sheena parted with these really fun/fresh/fierce python booties yesterday and suddenly, I found myself with yet another pair of unnecessary shoes. Which is cool, I guess. But like…freaky at the same time. Because I swear shoes just follow me around. Or they run/prance/skitter to me. […]

6 minutes of me curling my hair

As requested by a few people through my tumblr ask, the comments of my blog, and in real life, I have recorded a six minute video of me curling my hair. I also threw in some product that I use, because regular how-to video makers do that and I thought I would in turn sound […]

updates and stuff

1) My hair. H&M sweater and dress, H&M FAA necklace, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, American Apparel socks 2) This video. 3) The following musing: It’s really weird feeling the wind on my scalp.