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A Year In Kastor & Pollux Projects

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that even though Bianca and I spend a copious amount of hours taking selfies and cross-coordinating our outfits, we are actually designers – and not bloggers – by trade. Yes, blogging falls into ~the creative realm of the Internet~ that we have happily sold our souls to; but our business […]

WINTER LOOKBOOK: Kastor & Pollux x Topshop x Tyler Spangler

The production of our winter lookbook was a long and gruelling road; filled with lots of hypothetical blood and sweat, and lots of real tearz. Luckily for us, we recruited a ~dream team~ of amazingly talented individuals to help us embark on this project… and then spent approximately one thousand hours hanging out in the […]

Kastor & Pollux F/W ’13 Is Here!

  PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Bianca Venerayan  |  DESIGN: Danielle Roche  |  HAIR & MAKEUP: Amanda Blair  |  MODEL: Julia Monson I don’t know how long y’all have been waiting for this, but Bianca and I have literally been anticipating the release of this collection for nearly a quarter of the year. Though I realize that blaming […]

Clothes Encounters x Kastor & Pollux for MTV FORA

        Photographed by: Bianca Venerayan  |  Design & Direction: Danielle Roche  |  Featuring: Jenn Im   A little over a year ago, I publicly divulged the fact that I had a little Youtube ladygirlcrush on Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters. Though I didn’t say it explicitly, my admiration shone through my vague/unobtrusive […]

S/S ’13 LOOK BOOK (sneak peek)

Here’s part of a mini project that Bianca and I have been working on for the little while. It’s a bit delayed because I literally fell off the face of the planet with school, but whatever…~the fruits of our labour~ are finally ready for public-viewing. There will be more to come, but we wanted to […]

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

As promised, here is one of the projects from this past semester. It’s about the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope in cinema and in real life, and features some kind of written and visual aesthetic that I’ve been trying to pinpoint as somewhere along the lines of a ~quirky girl’s~ journalistic perspective and a semi-intellectual […]

anonymous identities

Just wanted to quickly share with you a tiny snippet of one of the many projects I am happy to get out of my life. Aka it was due this morning, but whatever. In itself, the project wasn’t worth much of my grade, but the amount of time that I spend deliberating on my topic […]

interlude (with many animals)

Going to mention school one more time, because I feel like it’s important to show you that although I do spend all of my free time mindlessly blogging, I am also capable of doing other things. Here are some things I have made during my educational experiences. Disclaimer: I realize that I’ve posted mostly all […]

floral pants

Zara leather jacket and sweater, Club Monaco vest, H&M pants and scarf, Thrifted denim shirt, Topshop boots Too tired to talk about anything, really, so here’s a video that I made for one of my classes at school…featuring Bianca and shameless Kastor & Pollux promotion. I guess this is why I’m paying a ridiculously high […]

fashion as art

Hi ladies and gentlemen, thought I would share the video that I’ve been complaining about for the past couple of weeks. Like everything else I do, this was for a school project, (the course is ‘time-based communication 2’…in case you’re wondering), and as I mentioned in a previous post, it deals with the art vs. […]