Construction Man’s Lunch Box

A couple of years ago I found this gem of a clear pseudo-purse at local vintage shop The Public Butter. I was always curious about the whole transparent bag thing – what if one has embarrassing things in their purse that everyone could see? (here’s my cue to link this completely ridiculous video of Danielle and I when we were 18… also please note that I am no longer this obnoxious-sounding)

Anyway, I never had a chance to actually use it because my boyfriend said it looked like a construction man’s lunch box and continues to point that out each time I consider pairing it with an outfit. Luckily it works perfectly in this navy/nude/silver ensemble so he applauded me for my successful construction man’s lunch box styling. The only downside is I can’t fit my bundle of hair or teapot in there :(

Bracelets: Courtesy of Magwood and Vanessa Mooney
Big ole honkin green ring: Club Monaco (buy similar styles here and here)
Clear box purse: Public Butter (buy similar styles here and here)

Embossed velvet blouse: H&M (buy similar styles here and here)
Silk pants: Club Monaco (buy similar styles here and here)
Heels: Hive & Honey via Piperlime (buy here)

On a totally different note, please follow the Messeca blog for more of Danielle and I’s silly escapades. We’re guest blogging on that platform for about a month, offering an 8-step program to teach you all how to cross-coordinate outfits with your best friend!!! In case you missed them/are too lazy to find them, here‘s our intro and here‘s the first instalment of our guest blog series. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Andrea U L
    Posted August 25, 2012 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    What a funny videooo!! hahahha I’m still laughing!! hahah
    kissies sweetie!

  2. Posted August 27, 2012 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    awww Mina Art!! you girls looks great with the clothes that are designed by my best friend!!

    and yes, love the video!

  3. Posted August 27, 2012 at 3:42 pm | Permalink

    this bag looks ultra fantastic!

  4. nicole
    Posted September 23, 2012 at 10:58 am | Permalink

    nice pantulog outfit bianx!!!!! <3

  5. deyna
    Posted October 7, 2012 at 12:28 am | Permalink

    its nice that you guys have a bit of humour. i’m new to discovering you both so it was hard to recognize you both without the long hair.

    I’d also add that in the video you seemed so outlandish I would have thought you had the wilder style but Bianca surprisingly is more daring (in my opinion) with her looks.

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