fun jewelry is my middle name

H&M coat
Vintage top and skirt (via Bianca)
Agyness Deyn x Dr. Marten boots
“Rebekah” necklace c/o The Montage Collection

Just a few things I wanted to run by everyone before I get down to the *real* *important* parts of this post.

Regarding the title: fun jewelry isn’t exactly my middle name, but it very well could be…in an alternate universe…where my middle names didn’t resemble the cast of Little House on the Prairie.

Regarding the above statement: I’m not going to get into how my middle names resemble the cast of Little House on the Prairie, so don’t even go there.


I was contacted by the kind folks over at The Montage Collection to style a look around their Rebekah necklace, a key piece from their newly launched “Lexie Collection”. Catering to a free-spirited gal who likes baubles, fun and a grand ol’ time, every piece in the collection is something I can definitely see myself incorporating into my rapidly expanding jewelry collection. I’m sure all of you know about my affinity for ~statement~ jewelry by now, so this should be no surprise. It should also be no surprise that out of all the baubly fun going on in the Lexie Collection, it was the necklace with NEON accents that stood out and screamed “pick me, pick me!!” No-brainer. Neon. Done.

Since the weather is getting a little chilly here in Toronto, (thus making it increasingly difficult to not gravitate towards dreary colours), the pop of colour in my Rebekah necklace really adds a little *sumtin sumtin* to my neutral outfit. I mention this so you don’t think it was my love for highlighters that made me gravitate towards the bright rope and the dangling beads. It was, in fact, my incredible talent of thinking ahead. I knew I was going to be taking pictures and hanging out in areas filled with ~fall foliage~ that just so happened to perfectly accent my outfit ;)

If you agree with me about the neon fun that this necklace brings to the table, The Montage Collection has been kind enough to offer you guys a free pair of Endicott earrings with the purchase of any necklace. Just make sure to “Like” them on Facebook, here!!! And also use “Dani” at checkout! Woohoo!

Let’s all have a neon bauble party together! Exclamation points 4ever! Have a good day!

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  1. Posted October 11, 2012 at 11:19 pm | Permalink

    Love the Doc Martens!

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