The rainy weather that has been creeping for the past few days has brought nothing but trouble.

For one, it impairs your outfit choices, wreaks your hair and makeup, and generally emphasizes that you are an umbrellaless fool. Secondly and less generally, over the past few days, I’m pretty sure that I’ve killed enough spiders to send them into extinction. Thirdly and very specifically, I was in the midst of writing this post when my power decided to go out. And although it has now resumed it’s prominent role in my existence, I am nonetheless unenthused about writing about my surprisingly eventful (!!!) couple of days.

I stayed over at Amy’s house last night because our painting was due today and we thought it would be a good idea to work on them together. Though we were complaining the entire time, we managed to complete them in a timely manner and proceeded to fall asleep watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Unsure if you’ve heard of the movie or read the books, but despite the alarming title, it’s worth the watch…or the read. I also got an email from Ann last night, informing me that I won her giveaway! Free stuff is definitely a great way to make me feel better about being in school.

Today I met up with Bianca again to eat Japanese food and do other top secret things that will not be disclosed. No surprise there. So…um…here’s what I wore:

Gap parka, H&M top and pants, Nine West shoes

OH and on a side note, there’s this guy that drives my afternoon GO bus when I’m coming home from school, and my friend Kristin and I have nicknamed him the Whiplash Mullet Gnome or W.M.G. for short. It’s pretty self-explaintory, but to clarify…
Whiplash: he arbitrarily presses on the gas while he’s unrightfully tailgating innocent old ladies on the highway
Mullet: he has a mullet.
Gnome: he is small and looks like a gnome.

Enjoy your Tuesdays!

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  1. Posted May 21, 2011 at 8:28 pm | Permalink

    i love the layering, esp. the pop of sequins under the parka. freaking amazing

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