NYFW DAY 3 (part 2)

Lettuce be serious. **Fashion** shows are all about fabulous fashion people looking really fashion fabulous. So it was no surprise when fabulous Bianca, fabulous Natalie and super-fabulous MOI were ushered to sit front row at Christian Siriano…which, in all honesty, was probably one of our most anticipated events on our super-packed itinerary.

The collection was everything we thought it would be, given that Christian Siriano is the most fabulous individual mentioned in this post. The collection was regal – blacks and golds dazzled the warehouse runway like a beacon of hopeful/happy/glorious light in a dark abyss of fear/sadness/dismay. It’s safe to say that we had tears in our eyes by the end of the show.


Afterwards, we headed to stalk fun Bobby at the Dream Downtown. Though we couldn’t get a hold of him via any kind of telephone-acle device, sitting in the lobby for 30 minutes eventually merited us an appearance, as he appeared, (as if by magic), carrying a mysterious cardboard box and a bottle of wine. “This is completely normal,” Bianca and I telepathically communicated to each other, “Bobby is full of unexpected surprises.”

With that said, we also shouldn’t have been surprised that after following Bobby up to his hotel room, we would be *~happily~* greeted by a handful of Lookbook’s most hype-able, just to end up cowering in a small bathroom surrounded by cutouts of mini faces, drinking wine and listening to this on repeat.

If ~fear~ hasn’t ensued yet, our kind and loveable readers, let’s just backtrack for a moment so I can explain WHY we went from front row at Christian Siriano to creeping in a hotel lobby to sitting in a small bathroom surrounded by mini faces…(see below).

T’was the night of the Lookbook !!BLOGGER MEETUP!! party and [Bianca] needed to adequately prep herself for the impending evening of potential weirdness. Though the end of the night looked like this:

M’c Kenneth, Me, Natalie, and dead Bianca at a Pizzeria somewhere

The rest of the night looked something like this:

And although the bathroom events are probably not being put into sensical perspective as of yet, take a gander at the finished project of Bobby’s /unique/ Lookbook board game and make some sense of your life *cue angelic singing.*

Thanks to the Lookbook team for throwing such a fun party, and thanks to Audrey Kitching for showing your face and letting us relieve our 13-year-old fangirl selves. And of course, another shout-out goes to Alyssa for taking most of the above photos and making me look like a deranged human being.


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    love the shots from the Christian show!

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  2. Posted February 19, 2013 at 10:27 am | Permalink

    LOL that board game!!

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