NYFW Day 4

As our super fun weekend came to a close, we spent Sunday morning taking selfies with Natalie to commemorate her way-too-short stay with us. The girl seriously deserves kudos for putting up with our Justin Bieber blasting/sing-a-longing, constant tea drinking, early sleeping, and seemingly endless arguments over which fluffy coat to wear on what day.

After flagging her a cab and kissing her goodbye, we headed to the Lincoln Center to see Lela Rose’s F/W 2013 collection, which was as girly as we expected. Jewel embellishments, sheer inserts, and sweetheart necklines are something Danielle and I grew to appreciate despite our tendency to gravitate towards anything black, oversized, and downright weird. So, thank you Lela Rose, for serving as an impeccably elegant reminder of what we would look like if we didn’t insist on haphazardly rolling out of bed every morning.


On our way out of venue we were stopped by none other than Nylon TV, the brilliant video extension of the one magazine we’ve been dedicated enough to read (together, holding hands) for the last five years. Jen did a quick interview highlighting everything we’re wearing, including our amazing necklaces designed by our dear friend and local designer Emily Woudenberg. Watch Jen call us “adorable girls” for (maybe, hopefully) good reason at 2:15 in the video below!!!

Thanks for reading/watching/following! I feel like this is the appropriate time to tell you that Danielle and I frequently get warm, fuzzy feelings in our hearts when we think about how much support and LUV we’ve been blessed with the past few years!!! XoxOXoxOxoXO forever


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    love you guys’ nylon segment along with all of the other wonderful bloggers!

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    Oh I love how you’re wearing matching prints in this, so cute!

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