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Never got around to posting this feature of Bianca and I from Issue 15 of Worn Journal, a Toronto-based publication focusing on the personal stories of fashion. As long-time fans of the magazine, (and long-time fans of weird hair), we were so thrilled to be a part of the first issue in their newly designed format.

Here are our answers to hair-related questions.

What would you call your hairstyle?
B: Army dude hair with an ultraviolet flare
D: Hypothetical result of an elderly lady’s perm mixed together with awkwardly-coloured cotton candy.

Do people ever want to talk to you about your hair?
B: All the time. Mostly they just ask why I keep changing it or where it all went.
D: Honestly, I find that the majority of people that comment on my hair happen to be quite a bit older than me. And by older, I mean like, over the age of 70. This may be because my hair often resembles theirs and they are confused/obligated to do a double-take and strike up a subsequent conversation, but, uh, that’s just a casual gander.

What is the weirdest conversation you ever had about your hair?
B: I had a woman say my hair is perfect; that it’s not too long or too short. I’m pretty sure she was misinformed about what short hair is.
D: I was once sitting across from a grandmother and her grandkids on the subway, and we made eye contact because we realized that we essentially had the same hairstyle. After coming to this communal consensus, we had a wordless and telepathic conversation. I got off the subway shortly after because I was sad she looked better than me.

Was this always your hairstyle? What was you hair like as a kid? What other
hairstyles have you had?

B: As a kid, my hair was long, black, and boring. Since high school, I’ve been changing the cut and colour like nobody’s business. Mohawk, undercut, mullet, cornrows; red, purple, white, green – you name it, I’ve done it.
D: I recently came out of a longterm relationship with super long and super ubiquitous ombre hair. Due to an unfortunate haircut 4 years ago, I was kind of wary to hack it off again, so I grew it to a nonsensical length and dealt with it until I had trouble walking because it was so heavy.
Oh, and also, when I was younger I had the token orange Asian highlights which I kept for a couple of years because they were obviously super flattering. I’m kind of permanently angry that my mother agreed to those…

Do people every try to get you to change your hair? What do they say? What do you say back?
B: I change my hair before anyone even has the chance to tell me to change it. Now that I lack hair to change, I’ll be growing it out for a while.
D: Obviously taking the first step to actually make a drastic change is tough, (aka why I waited nearly 4 years to get a substantial trim), but in general I’m pretty open to hair-related changes. My mentality regarding hair is pretty much “it’ll grow back,” so no matter what people suggest, I’m always pretty receptive. Because you know, YOLO.

Do you have a hair icon? Someone who influenced you current hairstyle?
B: My past hair icons include (but are not limited to!) Hayley Williams, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, and Draco Malfoy. My current influences are Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta and Charlavail Effron.
D: I don’t really have a hair icon, so I’m going to continue on with the theme of grandmothers and say my own grandmother is my hair inspiration. That is, if she was a fairy on a major sugar-high.

What is you hair regimen? What do you do to make your hair the way it is?
B: I sit in my bathroom once a month and put a hair clipper to my head Britney Spears style.
D: I tend to go to sleep with my hair damp, so by the time I wake up in the morning it’s all over the place and really silly looking. To kind of pseudo-remedy this, I use a curling iron to make it purposefully tousled, and then hairspray it until it doesn’t really resemble hair anymore.

How long do you spend working on your hair every day?
B: No time at all. I just get up and go!
D: I’m always on the run, so I can’t really afford to spend more than 10 minutes styling it every day. In terms of the amount of time I spend dying it various temporary colours, though, I’m pretty sure that’s unquantifiable.


If you haven’t heard of Worn yet, peruse their “about” page and support them in all their intelligent fashion endeavours!


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    Congratulations, this is lovely!x

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