Bianca and I have been relentlessly working on building the Kastor & Pollux brand since May 2011, but insufficient funds have stilted our progress. That is why when we heard of the “Start Me Up” competition at Ryerson University, we knew we had to take action. We wrote a 5-page business plan, filmed the above video, lost a couple of nights of sleep, and cried a little bit…but we certain that none of the above was in vain.

Kastor & Pollux is our pride and joy; the baby without the pooping and crying, and our 1000% one true passion. Not only do we get to do all the things we love doing most on the daily – writing, designing, interacting with you guys, using the internet etc – but we also get to do it with our best friend.

If you or any of your friends go to Ryerson University, please take the time to vote for us HERE. If you’re an international reader/someone who just doesn’t know anyone at Ryerson University, we’d also love it if you could take the time to “like” the video on Youtube to show your support.

Though the $25,000 prize is a huge factor in why we originally decided to enter the contest, as we spent more and more time working on our business plan, we were reminded that regardless of what happens, we’ll continue to pursue Kastor & Pollux. I, personally, cannot picture a future without Bianca (and the brand), and am so excited to start the rest of my life with Kastor & Pollux in the forefront. I sincerely hope you’re all excited to be a part of everything we’ve got in store for you…because we love and appreciate you all, and cannot thank you enough for everything.



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    Voted x

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

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    Oh thought non-students could vote, that sucksss

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