Instagram: May in Review

Hi everyone. We’re going to do this generic Instagram roundup every month until 1) Instagram becomes obsolete or 2) We run out of things to fool you, the general public, into thinking we lead semi-cool/semi-notable existences.

Since our days are no longer being obstructed by school, this month has given us a taste of FREEDOM, granting us the liberty of experiencing !real! weekends. We’ve been working on Kastor & Pollux on our ~specially~ designated day (Sunday), plotting how to succeed at world domination every other day, and writing articles for Stylelist Canada and our respective additional employment situations at MTV FORA and blogTO in the process.

Over the past 31 days, we hung out with our friends at, saw Julia Monson more than we wanted to, planned a party with Sauvage, wrote a fashion haiku and participated in Mendocino’s #MyMendoMoment campaign, and (pretended) to be biffles for an MTV FORA photoshoot. I guess all of this will make more sense with pictures and accompanying captions, so I guess peruse the visual evidence for yourself below!

1: Bobby Raffin being silly at the x Levi’s 501 party
2: Our Mendocino plaque featuring our ~fashion haiku~
3: Our Mendocino mannequin featured in the window at Yorkdale Mall
4: Our third look at the MTV FORA BFF shoot
5: A preview of our our new jewelry collection premiering at our Sauvage pop-up shop on June 7 + 8th
6: Showing off my super strength at the x Levi’s 501 party
7: My day trip to Niagara Falls with
8: Shooting with Rachel and Elle in a field beside the Falls
9: Sending Elle back to Paris in true Torontonian style – a trip to Kensington Market with Bobby
10: Bianca hard at work drafting our ~fashion haiku~ for Mendocino
11: The view from outside my hotel window in New York the morning after interviewing the Nervo twins
12: Not the first time we’ve ever mimicked mannequins – standing on an elevated platform at a J.Crew event
13: Our first look at the MTV FORA BFF shoot
14: Trying to be as ~fashion~ as possible with makeup by Lucky and hair by Vanessa
15: Bianca vogueing it up in our second acquired funny fishy funsuit
16: From my lunch with Kristen, fresh off the plane in New York
17: Being touristy with NYC local and the craziest fashion human I’ve ever met, Rachel
18: Bianca and Julia getting stamp-happy at the x Levi’s 501 event (Bianca is blowdrying her butt in this picture)
19: Bianca and Justin being Bianca and Justin. Ubiquitous Zara skort included.
20: Bianca’s shoot with JuJuMon for Magwood


And if you’re interested, follow: @kastorandpollux, @daniesque, and @biancavenerayan on Instagram! :)

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