Sh1n3 Br1ght L1ke A D1am0nd

On Bianca: Top c/o The Editor’s Market, Zara necklace (similar styles here and here), Zara skort (similar styles here and here), Topshop socks (similar style here), Miista shoes c/o Forty Eight (similar styles here and here)


On Dani: American Apparel tank (similar styles here and here), Zara vest (similar styles here and here), H&M earrings (similar styles here and here), vintage skirt (similar styles here and here), Chloe boots (similar styles here and here)

It might’ve been due to the fact that I woke up at 2pm from an exhaustion-triggered comatose, but I’m going to maintain that compiling these pictures gave me one of the worst headaches I’ve had since yesterday! Lol jk. But seriously. Bumping up the saturation to create perfectly-pixelled/granulated rainbow-coloured images in Photoshop is one of my favourite digital past-times and even though 1) it hurts my brain and 2) Bianca h8z it, I will never stop!!! (sorry to my both my brain and Bianca).

K&P has an interesting dynamic, and after speaking to it approximately four dozen times during the duration of our pop-up shop at Sauvage, it seems only natural to write a little blurb about it – since it’s not only our ~reality~, but also the most personal thing we choose to publicize.

The lines between writer and blogger/designer and artist/entrepreneur and hobbyist are constantly being blurred – and although Bianca and I are interested in similar things, maintain close-enough aesthetic sensibilities, and have strengths that reach across a large portion of the creative board, we still consider ourselves to be fairly unserious people doing fairly serious writer/designer/entrepreneur things. We aren’t going to say that this blog is our sole job, nor are we going to say that our occupations are/will ever be “fashion bloggers” – but blogging is something that we enjoy (enough) and is ultimately something that we see as a worthwhile extension of our brand.

It’s not possible to divide specific components of Kastor & Pollux into Bianca and Dani specific bylines, but Bianca’s education in Fashion Communications has undoubtedly aided us in figuring out the background portion of our business, and my education in design has helped us with the front-end portion of the brand. We both design and execute the products together, and although she’s the one sewing dozens of hologram skirts, I’m offering her moral support in the form of animated gifs (maybe). I feel like we often run out of things to write on this blog because there’s only so many things we can say about the ever-fluctuating weather, but when it comes down to it, I think the most relevant things we can speak to is our business and our dynamic as both friends and business partners.

Whether or not you’re interested in these words, I think it’s important to sporadically remind ourselves why we’re doing what we’re doing, and let you guys know that nothing we’d be doing now would be possible without your support!

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