Boohoo Calling!

On Dani: Top, skirt, and clutch c/o Boohoo; Zara necklace (similar styles here and here) and white sandals (similar style here)
On Bianca: Top, skirt, and clutch c/o Boohoo; Kastor & Pollux necklace (coming soon!) and Zara heels (similar style here)


A somewhat irrelevant photo of Bianca’s boyfriend repping folding fans and lollipops

You should know by now that any opportunity Bianca and I get to cross-coordinate will be optimized to it’s fullest extent. Unfortunately for us, we are always a little too ambitious and end up looking a lot more embarrassing than we originally intended – something that is most commonly greeted with patronizing smilezz and too many lolzz to feel comfortable about.

Cross-coordinating was an activity that we originally adopted out of boredom when we were two lame 17-year-old high school students with nothing better to do. We used to joke that on the days when uniforms were negated from the school day equation, walking into classrooms only to pretend that our coordinated outfits were unintentional would be ~the~ ~funnest~ ~thing~ ~ever~. (Kind of like this real life story that occurred at Toronto Fashion Week this past March).

Anyway, what began as a somewhat-subtle activity has now exploded into a full-fleged matching game that is the farthest thing from coincidence…in the world. So naturally, when we were perusing for outfits to wear to the Boohoo Canada launch party this past Wednesday, we made a beeline (through the 8000+ items on the website…) to the coordinated sets so we could look like we were matching in the most obvious way possible. We ended up going with the Boutique Leanne Neon Crop Top and accompanying Boutique Selina Sequin Peacock Skirt to fulfil our deepest desires to look like two highlighters.

Featuring balloons floating in a beautiful backyard pool (and enough sweets to make all the mosquitos swarm to Bianca…as per usual), the event was a /sweet/ one, housing clothes, styled mannequins, and fantastic snacks…read: a table of macaroons, lollipops and sugar cookies, followed by mini chicken pot pies, samosas, and fish and chips served on a platter. (Y) (Y) (Y) #food

We perused pieces from the upcoming seasons, and made mental bookmarks of what to watch out for in the next couple of months – an open knitted black and white cardigan caught Bianca’s eye, and a selection of tartans and florals stood out from racks of neoprene and embellishments.

Boohoo is a UK website founded in 2006 whose mantra is to offer !!all the trends!! at a very low cost. We’re thrilled that Boohoo is coming to Canada, and we can now shop 4ever and ever from the comfort of our swivel-y computer chairs without actually abusing our credit cards. Thanks to NKPR for 1) the ~swag~ 2) the ~food~ and 3) the ~fun times~!


  1. Posted June 25, 2013 at 3:40 am | Permalink

    loving your hair bianca! I’m tempted to do the same but keeping the model and constant cutting isn’t for me, the lazy ass D–:

  2. Posted June 25, 2013 at 9:24 am | Permalink

    I adore your outfits s summery and the pool behind you made the scene so picturesque

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