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Hiheyhello, we’re continuing on that #Instagram tip, and outlining all the fun/fab/probably lame things we’ve been up to over the course of this month. Beginning with our !!2 year anniversary!!, ending with a really humbling (but shhhh secret project), and sporadically including a pop-up shop at Sauvage and our summer 2013 jewelry look book shoot, we’re ending June off with few complaints. However, between you and I, I’m pretty sure that July will be better because 1) I’m going to Montreal with Alyssa, 2) Bianca is going to California and visiting Natalie, and 3) We’re doing some really fun shit at the beginning of the month with everyone’s favourite YouTube ladygirl ;)

Though we might experience a little bit of separation anxiety (read: Bianca, Skype meeee), I can’t wait for the coming month!!! But to everyone who made June what it was – 1) thank you, 2) you rock, and 3) don’t ever change.

1: Double-sided posters to hang over your bed…so you’re always thinking about us…(A)
2: A shrine to K&P that Cheryn made in celebration of Kastor & Pollux’s 2 year anniversary…because she loves us.
3: Vigorously sewing the night before our Sauvage pop-up.
4: Finally got an Instax mini and tested it out by documenting our sleep-deprived set-up process at Sauvage the morning before the party.
5: Our window at Sauvage!
6: The night of the party. Slowly started losing clothes as the night progressed. (Who knew wearing a sweater in the summertime was a less-than-intelligent idea?
7: Creeping. As usual. Can you spot me?!?!?!
8: O M G #ootd!!! Posing by our rack of S/S ’13 goodiesz.
9: Shooting for Koshka. Check out our Q&A here!
10: Our model, Ingrid, looking fab without eyebrows at our summer jewelry look book shoot.
11: Shooting in my backyard as Andrea, our makeup lady of the day, touches up Ingrid’s flowing blonde hair.
12: Bianca goofin’ off with the edits. Silly Bianca, you’re not a graphic designer! Loljk.
13: At the launch party for Boohoo Canada! Thanks NKPR for having us!
14: Being cute with lotsa sweets.
15: On set being #fashion.
16: On set being…#bunnies.

And if you’re interested, follow: @kastorandpollux, @daniesque, and @biancavenerayan on Instagram! :)

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