A Year In Kastor & Pollux Projects

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that even though Bianca and I spend a copious amount of hours taking selfies and cross-coordinating our outfits, we are actually designers – and not bloggers – by trade. Yes, blogging falls into ~the creative realm of the Internet~ that we have happily sold our souls to; but our business plan and top secret Google Docs (SPREADSHEETS 4EVA) definitely beg to differ.

Though the opportunities we’ve been given as a result of this blog are incredible/incredibly surreal, in the near future, we’d like to pursue *the dream* of being full-time creatives on a behind-the-scene basis. However, we’ve accepted that chasing a dream with mere pennies in our pocket is unrealistic – so until it’s…not unrealistic…we’ll be working part-time retail jobs and freelance gigs.

Don’t get us wrong – blogging is great. And perhaps the best part of portraying ourselves as “bloggers” is the instant gratification that comes with publishing a post. Blogging doesn’t require us to trim our nails to make jewelry or succumb ourselves to back pain to sew 1000 hologram skirts. Rather, it allows us to stay constantly connected with you guys, cure our creative restlessness (and our love of Photoshopping ourselves on miscellaneous backgrounds), and work towards a bigger plan in the process.

That said, this year we actually managed to pump out a (surprising) number of non-blog-related projects – 3 self-made/self-designed collections, 4 look books, and 2 videos. We’ve been fortunate enough to surround ourselves with insanely supportive and creative individuals, and from beautiful friends coerced into being our models to internet and IRL superstars, we’ve been able to produce the following by solely being passionate about creating things!

Going into 2014, we’re hoping we’ll be able to tackle EVEN MORE fun projects that allow us to design, create, and direct…and to do that, we’re hoping to build our team. We put out a call for intern(s) a little while ago; and if you’d like to get involved in these fun and exciting K&P endeavours, please drop us a line :)



S/S ’13 Clothing Look Book

(See the full look book here)


Photographer: Bianca Venerayan | Design: Danielle Roche | Model: Dani Reynolds


This collection was inspired by aliens, astronauts and eclectic (& electric) out-of-worldy experiences that made sense on paper but looked insane when materialized. We opted for crazy fabrics – from satins to stiff organzas – and directed the post-editing to be equally as bold and unconventional as the pieces themselves.





Danielle Roche x Christine Gogev


Direction: Danielle Roche and Christine Gogev | Editing: Christine Gogev | Assisted by: Bianca Venerayan | Music: Jason Mante | Model: Dani Reynolds


We literally brought our collection to new dimensions with this video project made in collaboration with Christine Gogev. From #seapunk to outer space, and Chris Crocker to Oprah’s face, this 30 second nonsensical short was the perfect accompaniment to the crazy pieces from our S/S ’13 line.



S/S ’13 Jewelry Look Book

(See the full look book here)


Photographer: Bianca Venerayan | Design: Danielle Roche | Hair & Makeup: Andrea Markovic | Model: Ingrid Alegre


Our summer jewelry collection was filled to the brim with bright colours and interesting textures. It also came at a time when multi-coloured eyebrows and a blonde weave seemed like the best beauty ideas ever.

We made the conscious decision to opt for a softer graphic design aesthetic – and instead of rainbow gradients and Photoshop transparency backgrounds, we went with botanical illustrations, soft glows, and muted colour palettes. After all, in combination with crazy eyebrows, crazy hair and crazy jewelry, we didn’t want to misrepresent ourselves as tasteless fools…….





Kastor & Pollux x Clothes Encounters x MTV FORA

(See the full look book here)



Photographer: Bianca Venerayan | Design & Direction: Danielle Roche | Model: Jenn Im


After establishing a great and fun Internet friendship, we teamed up with Jenn Im (IRL) and MTV FORA to create a 10-piece animated look book. Following Jenn on hypothetical summer vacation destinations, the look book featured a plethora of mammal-type friends as well as pieces from our S/S collections.

We also hosted an Instagram giveaway in which we gave away a bunch of pieces from our S/S jewelry collection.



F/W ’13 Preview: Wholesome Friendship Times


Direction: Bianca Venerayan | Music: Wesley Cabarios


Over the year, we made the conscious decision to assimilate towards a lifestyle where frequent YouTube uploads were actually plausible – and this video project seemed like a good place to start. In addition to reminding the Internet that we are really strange and also friendly/approachable, we also *productively* give our subscribers a lil sneak peek of our F/W clothing collection.



F/W ’13 Look Book

(See the full look book here)


Photographer: Bianca Venerayan | Design: Danielle Roche | Hair & Makeup: Amanda Blair | Model: Julia Monson


To contrast to our S/S clothing line, we toyed with the idea of creating a fairly simplistic collection based off practical separates that had the capacity to be combined in a multitude of ways. However, in typical K&P fashion, achieving “simplistic” is impossible – so we brought you an 8-piece collection of quirky cuts and odd material combinations. Of course, at it’s core, this collection is only a preview of the type of stuff you’ll see from us in 2014 :)





  1. Posted December 27, 2013 at 6:32 am | Permalink

    Wow it’s been great to discover your blog this year! Will be adding some of your pieces to my wishlist!

  2. Posted December 27, 2013 at 7:10 am | Permalink

    Love your range of accessories, the neon is so striking with silver toned jewellery. You are both so talented!



  3. Posted December 27, 2013 at 9:15 am | Permalink

    Looks like this has been a great year for the both of you! Wishing you an even better 2014 :)

    xoxo Iris

  4. vanessa
    Posted December 27, 2013 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

    you design aesthetic is out of this world holy shit

  5. Posted December 28, 2013 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

    That gif has one of the best styling I’ve ever seen

  6. Posted February 10, 2014 at 11:03 am | Permalink

    These items are extremely nice!!! I love them and want them all. Would love to show them off in a new collaboration with 2 friends and now my own blog!!


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