A Year In Generally Cool Things

If you haven’t heard by now, we’ve made the conclusion that 2013 has been our biggest year yet. With a whole slew of creative projects and an ungodly amount of cross-coordinated outfits under our belts, it’s safe to say we really outdid ourselves this time around and we couldn’t be happier/prouder about it! Luckily, we’re not the only ones who’ve seen and appreciated the fruits of our labor; we’ve been featured in our dream publications (both print and online) and snagged a roster of collaborations with *the* dopest people.

In short, we did a bunch of generally cool things that we can’t help but look back on starry-eyed nor fit comfortably into its own category. So, without further ado, here’s a little hodgepodge of stuff we’ll be raving about til the end of time:



Toronto Life’s Most Stylish

(See the online feature here)

Making the much-anticipated annual list of the most stylish people in our city has definitely been one of our biggest achievements to date. Though Toronto Life‘s print feature and online story went live in September, we’re still getting props from strangers on the street for it. We’re not sure how we were chosen to appear alongside local legends like I Miss You Vintage’s Julie Yoo or jewelry designer Jenny Bird, but we’re not going to ask any questions.


Topshop Launch at Sherway Gardens

(See the event coverage here)

As newly-christened Topshop Canada brand ambassadors, we were thrilled to host the Sherway Gardens opening party with our beautiful friends Liz Trinnear, Elizabeth Victoria Clark, Jay Strut, Tristan Banning, and Christina Cravero. Though a full day in heels was a taste of torture, we were surrounded by fashion, fans, and FREE SNACKS. Plus, we got to cut the ribbon! Who could complain about that?


Topshop x Tyler Spanger Winter Lookbook

(See the full lookbook here)

Our first project as Topshop Canada brand ambassadors was this seizure-inducing winter lookbook in both photo and video form. Thanks to a huge team of creatives including graphic designer Tyler Spangler, videographer Rosanna Peng, photographer Jen Cheng, and stylist Jessica Luffman, we were able to whip out 16 seasonally-appropriate getups and present them in typical Kastor & Pollux fashion.


Sauvage Pop-Up Shop

(See the event coverage here)


Back in June, we hosted a pop-up shop at Sauvage highlighting our spring/summer 2013 jewelry and clothing collections. Friends, family, and dedicated followers came out to support us at our DJ/popcorn/wine-dazzled event. More shoutouts go to Jaya, Spencer, and Taycia for graciously hosting us, and Aimee for spinnin’. We love ya’ll!


MINKPINK & Dr. Martens Fall Lookbook

(See the full lookbook here)

Our pals over at Lotus Leaf Communications hooked us up with some sweet fall-appropriate garb by Mink Pink and Dr. Martens. So, naturally, we took 8 glorified selfies in cross-coordinated outfits and superimposed the photos onto coo-coo-crazy backgrounds! Hooray for mad graphic design skills!


My Mendo Moment

(See the event coverage here)


Canadian boutique (of womenswear that just so happened to be right up our alley) Mendocino ran a campaign called My Mendo Moment celebrating personal style. They picked a handful of Torontonian bloggers to style outfits based on their own aesthetic and then held a lil (candy-filled) bash at The Eaton Centre! Of course, we mixed prints and bright colours and topped it all off with a hat. Our look stood in the window at Yorkdale Mall. I also think it’s worth it to mention we wore one of our craziest cross-coordinated outfits to the launch party!


NYFW Stylelist Coverage

(See the coverage here and here)


We’re both very into creative writing, so when we were given the opportunity to cover New York Fashion Week for Stylelist Canada, tears welled up in our eyes and we jumped for joy while holding hands/smiling incessantly. The week may have deprived us of sleep and completely drained our brain cells, but we documented some pretty amazing memories via daily survival guides and Instagram diaries. We’d also like to send virtual hugs to Huan and the rest of the Lookbook for accompanying (read: feeding) us on our NYFW adventure!



(Visit our Youtube channel here)

Although our Youtube channel doesn’t have nearly as many videos up as we’d like, we are giving ourselves a pat on the back for the ones that have actually made it through the lengthy filming, editing, and uploading process. Most notable are our Very Serious Outfit Video series, composed of very (read: hardly) serious outfit videos. They’re mostly for our own entertainment, but we hope you’ve gotten a laugh out of them too!

A… err… more informative film would be our ~very elegant~ “All You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Kastor & Pollux” video. It’s a whopping seven minutes long but it covers our entire backstory and includes fancy candle arrangements!!!


F/W ’13: Ana Golja x MTV FORA

(See the full series here)

To kickstart MTV FORA’s work with the lovely ladies of Degrassi (#canada #wheelchairjimmy #drake #teenagers), Ana Golja wore (mostly) Canadian designers including – of course – (subjectively) lovely items designed by our (subjectively) lovely selves! Aside from being a complete angel off the air (as you can tell by the accompanying interview), she looked amazing in Kastor & Pollux’s F/W 2013 collection.


Fancy Features


The absolute coolest thing ever is being noticed by people/publications we’ve been following for a good chunk of our lives. During the summer, we popped up in a Clothes Encounters video after a fun day with Jenn Im!

We also had a quick run-in with NYLON Magazine during our New York Fashion Week escapades. As long-time readers of the kooky teen magazine, we were ecstatic to see ourselves on NYLON TV!

Lucky Magazine named us one of their Top International Fashion Blogs!!! We were not only dubbed their “one of their favorite fashion blogs of all time,” but they also called us ~so trippy and Canada~ which is all we’ve ever wanted in life.



So there ya have it! Here’s to another year brimming with more generally cool things for us and for all. What’s something you’d like to share from 2013? We’d love to hear it!


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    huge props to you guys! you did great this year!


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    Great job :D

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