#TBT: The Art Of Cross-Coordination (part 1)

Hi friends! Please brace yourselves for (part 1) of the most extensive (and nonsensical) #TBT post in the history of #TBT posts! Maybe I’m a little bit biased, but after sharing the following images repeatedly over the past year and a half, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Bianca and I are unabashedly proud of this particular body of work. Yes, we design and create clothing and jewelry, do funny things in video form, and take pretty impressive selfies – but when it comes down to it, themed cross-coordination is most definitely our most *important* and *envied* talent. Lol.

From August to October 2012, Bianca and I found ourselves partaking in a guest-blogging stint for Messeca NYC – a shoe brand that was, you guessed it, based out of NYC. During this period of time, we formed a v good friendship with the entire Messeca team – specially a nice fellow named Conor. And, as with any good and great friendship, we proceeded to spam his inbox every Sunday evening with GIFS upon GIFS of us wearing stupid things while doing stupid things for the sake of *THE ART OF CROSS-COORDINATION: AN 8-STEP PROGRAM*. Though this 8-part series lived on the Messeca blog quite a while ago, we figured now was an appropriate time to have it ~resurface~. So here we go – the first 4 instalments of embarrassing writing accompanied by even more embarrassing imagery!


W H E R E   T H E   W I L D   T H I N G S   A R E

If you have always wondered what emerging from the pseudo-wilderness while still looking fairly un-disheveled would look like, then this is probably exactly what you’ve been looking for your entire life. If such a thing has never crossed your mind until this very second, well, then…maybe you can relate to standing menacingly in an ominous living room with your best friend, instead.

As you can see, our cross-coordinated outfits today looks to embody the spirit of “Where The Wild Things Are,” the classic book-turned-movie situation by Maurice Sendak. If you are at all familiar with said situation, you’ll need no horribly explained synopsis. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, then here, take a gander at this narrated version by Christopher Walken.


Do you like it? Do you want it? Well, this is what you’ll need:
-Furry things in neutral colours
-Furry hat
-Your hands for impromptu head fixtures
-Neon yellow (…because neon is so *fashion*, and also, the ~wild things~ have yellow eyes. Are we crafty or are we crafty?!)
-Interesting (and appropriate) animalistic poses


F A N C Y   I C E   C R E A M   P A R T Y

Themed parties are the best. Not only are they an excuse to dress up in ridiculous getups, but they also allow you to exercise every inch of your creativity; especially if you’re forced to dress semi-conservatively on a day-to-day basis.

Unfortunately, we can sympathize with the feeling of overwhelming distress when you get an invite to a really nonsensically themed party…such as lasagna, various types of crackers, or baby sloths. “What do I wear?” you may ask yourself as you continuously pace your bedroom floor surrounded by piles of rejected clothing. “I don’t want to look silly.” :( :( :(


And although we aren’t exactly sure if ice cream themed parties are real, we’d like to believe that after putting this post out into the universe, someone somewhere will have an !aha! moment and make it happen (and potentially invite us. Y/N?). Because, like, ice cream isn’t silly at all. In fact, the outfitting and catering options would be limitless, and the entire debacle would generally be minimally painful for guests! Am I right or am I right?

We realize that our digitally rendered ice cream hats don’t exactly measure up to the one pictured above, we’ve already decided that the next time we’re looking to embody the spirit of this dairy treat, we’ll plan well in advance and place an order. Perhaps in bulk so we can distribute them amongst our friends.

What you’ll need:
-A plethora of pastel coloured garments
-Ice cream cone hats (because they add that extra *pop* of festiveness)
-Nude shoes…because you want to neutrilize your silly outfit. You don’t want to look like you went overboard, now.
-Lace, or pseudo-lace, accents…for that ~feminine~ touch


W O K   W I T H   U S

Whether you’re having a quiet night in by yourself, are throwing an event that requires fortune cookies, or are just intrigued by what exactly a handful of the questionable menu items entail, we don’t blame you at all for being a takeout enthusiast. Not only is the food delicious, but it’s also convenient, affordable, and requires minimum movement on your part.

So the next time you’re wondering what the best kind of outfit to wear while eating your takeout food, we guess we have all the answers here…again. Not to sound like know-it-alls or anything, but this one is pretty great!!! Just be warned before embarking on this, though: it could get a little steamy…because you know…as they say, caution: contents are hot. Hehe.


Not like it isn’t obvious enough, but our getups resemble carrots, broccoli/other potentially green vegetables and rice. We left out anything meat related just to be safe because we are sure many of you may be vegetarians. Also, it’s difficult to dress like meat in tactful ways when you are a human…

When it comes to takeout food of this variety, it’s all about customization, so take the ‘you are what you eat’ mentality, and apply it to this particular situation. If you like spicy, wear red. If you like saucy, wear brown. If you don’t like food at all, wear nothing. It’s all up to you and what you fancy; we’re not here to judge you.

What you’ll need:
-A kitchen to pose in…for optimal effect
-Beaded things that can pass off as resembling rice. Fringey things that look like noodles can work too, but fringe is kind of outdated…and you want to look as hip and modern and fashionable as possible.
-A takeout menu (so you can decide what your favourite dishes are…in order to dress like them/keep your rice/noodles company)
-As many takeout boxes as you can find. We had about 40 lying around, but 2 will do just dandily.


C O U N T I N G   S H E E P

No matter what all you *haters* may think, there will never ever come a period in your life when sleepovers with your best friend become a socially frowned upon occurrence. From girly gossip to cheesy chick flicks, sleepovers are the perf way to step away from your busybee life and chill out. They’re also the perf excuse to eat a truckload of snacks without feeling immediately guilty…but let’s not go there right now.

After executing 3 complicated cross-coordination scenarios, we decided that today, our midway mark through our ~8 Step Cross-Coordination Program~, would be a prime week to get some rest and relaxation. Considering that school just started (!!!), both of us are in kind of BLAH moods…and all we want to do is SLEEP. So to sympathize with all of y’all going through the same kind of Lana Del Rey suggested “summertime sadness”, here’s a post you can (maybe) relate to.

Our days mostly consist of picking an outfit, commuting, working on various projects, eating, working some more, and then sleeping. But let’s not kid ourselves; the only reason why we work so hard is so we can sleep knowing that we tried to be semi-productive that day. Because you know, well-deserved rest is so much more rewarding and stuff.

There are probably like 10 people in the entire universe who are legitimately concerned about what they look like when they’re going to sleep. Because let’s face it…everyone else has come to terms with the fact that they look ugly as sh** when they’re getting ready for bed. No makeup, cheesy flannel holiday pajamas, mismatched socks and horrible hair are pretty much the majority of your bedtime equation, (give or take your retainer, acne cream, or whatever other weird stuff you’re into).

And although “Banana’s in Pajama’s” aren’t really our style, we must appreciate their perfectly coordinated bedtime swag. We’re unsure if our outfits exactly ~measure up~ to their awesome example, but we tried…and you should too.

What you’ll need:
-Sheep in great quantities
-Also, bunnies
-Silk pajama sets so you can both feel /expensive/
-Cute stuffed animals…because D’AW!!!!
-Comfortable pillows so you can sleep well and be happy and yeah
-AND…cozy socks. In case your feet get cold :3


Come back next Thursday for the second instalment of ~the best things ever~. <3 Lol. <3



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    Love how creative and funny you guys are!

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    The ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ look is my fave! Love your photos and gifs, you guys are so much fun!

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    You two are so cute and funny! x


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    Awesome post! So cute and funny :)

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    haha chicest cuties!


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    So freakin adorable!!I love the wok with us outfits especially <3


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    This project is awesome!! Your choices, the coordination, the photos… I’m found of it! You rock =)

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