#TBT: The Art Of Cross-Coordination (part 2)

Because we’ve put *too much* information about ~The Art Of Cross-Coordination~ on the interwebs, we had to split this comprehensive #TBT post up into two parts. Last week, we reminisced on our younger yearzzz – revisiting what it felt like to 1) dress like wild things, 2) dress like we’re going to a fancy ice cream party, 3) dress like we belong in a wok, and 4) dress like we should be sleeping.

Since we didn’t want to leave you hanging (for too long), here’s the much-anticipated/equally comprehensive PART 2 of our GIF-filled cross-coordination antics with Messeca NYC circa 2012.~*~*~*~*~ Weiners included.


I N T E R G A L A C T I C,  B I T C H

Excuse our profanity, but our robotic female dog friend somehow managed to impair our /normally courteous/ Internet selves. Perhaps it was because of her inherent intergalactic tendencies, but we have the sinking suspicion it had to do with her glowing, manic eyes…(which, although are surprisingly hypnotizing, are also generally representative of all things evil). Nonetheless, our not-so-secretive subscription to the idea that everything looks better with a (completely passé) space background led us to the realization that basing our theme on this robo tekno puppy space lady was the only logical thing to do. After all, acting like robotic dogs in non-weird ways is totally natural and not an embarrassing thing to do in public at all.

If you can’t already tell, we love animals. In fact, the prospect of shooting this post with a robotic dog brought SUCH intense expressions of happyhappyjoyjoy to our faces, we passed up the opportunity to eat dinner. We realize the significance of this statement is quite frankly LACKING without a legitimate explanation, so here is our obligatory and totally not-made-up pseudo-mantra.

*Disclaimer: Do not take offense to the following two points…we’re not suggesting that eating and animals are in any way correlated. In fact, err, this post technically revolves around a fictional and not-real canine from like 2002, so your point is actually supremely invalid.

1) ANIMALS ARE IMPORTANT: Animals are inspirational because they are creatures that walk this earth with no intention but to make us happy and reproduce and promote world peace. Their beauty is unprecedented, unquantifiable, and much too plentiful to explain with human words. (Also, Bianca has a dog and his full name is Harrison Ford, so I think that says everything about everything.)

2) NOURISHMENT IS IMPORTANT: We are fortunate enough to have food to put on our plates to sustain our bodies as we live our lives in beautiful ways. Without food, we would be unable to bring you this post today. Without food, Harrison Ford (both the dog and the person), would go hungry. Without food, we’d be generally sad :(

If you remember the age of robotic toy animals, then you’ll definitely be able to revisit the special place in your heart that you held, (and are probably still holding), for your Tekno/Poo-Chi/Robopet etc etc. Acting in the place of a real, live dog, your electronic puppy responded to commands, walked around, picked up its bone, barked a battery-fueled bark, and made you feel like you had a real friend. We say all of these things with utmost certainty because we were (hypothetically) those kids you saw in those commercials with the jingles that not only spoke about love and puppy kisses, but also produced “aww cuteness!!!” squeals ON DEMAND.

If you’re confident in your intergalactic bitch dressing abilities, you deserve a rub on the belly and a high five or something. Just remember to check both ways before you cross the street and pick up your poop before you head into the real world.

Also…in regards to the image above: we are either being obedient pups playing dead or we have all suffocated because of the entire NO OXYGEN IN SPACE scenario. You can decide, he he.

What you’ll need:
-A Tekno puppy.
-Dark colours. The shinier and more galaxy-like the better.
-Silver *accents* in the form of fancy jewelry or your hair. (Tin foil hats are optional).
-Boots that look like they could be used to a) walk on the moon b) moonwalk c) walk your dog in an intergalactic setting.


R E L I S H  A N D  E M B E L L I S H

You wouldn’t eat just a hotdog on a bun, nor would you go near a naked hamburger. Hell, would you even look twice at a plate/box/holder thing of plain and lonely frenchy fries? Wouldn’t you be more inclined to tilt your head to a 70 degree angle and scream to the heavens, “IS THIS IT?! AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL THIS EMPTY?! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?!” (?!?!?!?!) Yeah. We thought so.

Though we are by no means located in heaven, we DO have the answer to your burning questions. In fact, we may even go so far as saying we have the solution to remedy the empty space in your soul reserved for something really special. If you’re still unsure as what we’re referring to, fret no more. Because the secret to life, existing, and really fancy culinary eatsz is…drumroll, please…


What is food without ketchup, mustard, and relish? What is life without a little PIZZAZZ? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which is why we decided to pay tribute to the extravaganza that is condiments, by dressing in their colours. Taking a cue from the Fall 2012 runways, condiments are so on-trend we almost have trouble keeping up with them. Jonah Hill is on point with his hot dog costume, though. His ketchup bow says, “I’m fashionable” and perfectly compliments his velveteen buns. 

What you’ll need:
-Red or burgundy floral clothing to emulate ketchup
-Mustard-coloured clothing to reference mustard, of course
-Olive green clothing to mimic the rich hues of relish
-Beanies, to resemble the tips of sauce bottles
*Note: other condiments such as mayonnaise, onions, bacon bits, etc, will suffice as inspiration


P A R F A I T  P A R F A I T

Let’s discuss the wonderful invention that sparked today’s outfits: parfaits. I know what you’re thinking – “it’s just a dessert.” But alas, to us, it is not just a dessert; it’s a bonanza of berries and cream and granola and honey… We declare it the best dessert ever. And before you argue with us, here’s proof:

Yup. Feast your eyes on the one and only Joseph Gordon-Levitt, just about to share a sweet, succulent kiss with a parfait in a business suit. Only the most sacred are allowed anywhere near his lips. Now that our point is validated, we are moving forward. Parfaits offer (almost) all of the food groups in a handheld cup, not to mention how amazing they taste. You can even substitute the whipped cream for yogurt and you’ve got a healthy snack!!! It’s no wonder we want to be them.


If you’re totally into parfaits, or want a chance at getting up close and personal with Joseph, you will need:
– White clothing, preferably in smooth silk to mimic cream and/or yogurt
– Textures akin to granola, such as a chunky sweater or scarf in taupe
– Blue/grey accents, like blueberries!!!
– Pink or red clothing, to layer up like you’d layer up strawberries

*Disclaimer: we do not guarantee in any way, shape, or form, a date and/or makeout session with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This is something not even we can achieve despite looking almost exactly like a parfait parfait.*


G A R D E N  M E R M A I D S

Hello, and welcome to the eighth and final installment our guide to cross-coordination, here at Messeca. Though we are beyond saddened by the end of this long and questionable path we’ve chosen to embark on, if you’ve gained a better understanding of us and a new, *shiny* way of altering your perception to see inspiration in all mundane things that life presents to you, or just more experience in cross-coordinating with your best friend, then we’ve conquered everything we could ever hope/imagine/dream to do. And because of that, we can now die happily and in a bed of flowers surrounded by woodland creatures, and also food.


As children, we were brought up to believe in things that were scientifically proven to be false. “Life is only what you make it,” said someone very wise…and we believed it. Interested in living life to the fullest, we ignored facts and instead, opted for being generally magical. Back in the day, adults would look at us and shake their heads, both saddened and insulted that our parents encouraged our imaginations to run wild and free, while the other teenagers our age made fun of us for not having a “strong enough grip on reality”. Scandalizing, we know. However, now that we are considerably grown up, we know we were right all along. Because mermaids not only exist…they are also available for purchase in concrete form at PhenomeGNOME,
(which is by far the best name for a gnome shop ever). If you chose to never truly grow up, or you just like looking like MAGIC, then you may decide to purchase one for ample garden mermaid statue referencing.

What you’ll need:
-Either very form-fitting or very loose-and-flowy clothing in gold or seafoam
-Sparkly pearl jewelry
-Flowers for your head or enormous novelty ones to carry around with you
~ Extra points if you can rock a seashell bra ~





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    This is brilliant! Love this so much – especially the mermaid and galactic one! (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm – fashion, beauty + lifestyle

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    You keep surprising me with your crazyness and creativity. Keep up the good work :)

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    hahaha gals you’re cool!


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