When I was little, I loved making these itty bitty burgs with my mom. I have no idea where she got the recipe for these small sugar-packed hamburgz but I was obsessed with making them (and inhaling them for the ultimate sugar high). The first time I can remember making these tasty treats was for a ~Little Leapers~ fundraiser, which is a competitive skipping team (yes skipping was my competitive sport of choice as a child & no I ain’t ashamed). It’s been years since I’ve tried these burgers (or skipping) SO, I thought I’d attempt to make them again and share the sweetness with all y’all.

~*What you will need*~
1. Money $$ to buy the ingredients (approx. $15)
2. Nilla Wafers
3. Shredded coconut
4. Peppermint patties
5. White icing
6. Red & Green food colouring ( & yellow if you like mustard on your burg)
7. Ziplock baggie
8. Scissors
9. 2 small bowls for mixing

**Note: This is based on memory not an actual recipe.**


Mix some red food colouring + icing in a bowl to make the ketchup. Pour the red icing into a ziplock bag and cut a small hole in the bottom corner of the baggie to create your own super inexpensive icing dispenser. Now you can squeeze the icing onto the patty just like you would a ketchup packet.

In another bowl mix coconut + green food colouring to make relish. I used my fingers to place it on the patty but I’d advise against this because I now have green martian hands.

If you hadn’t already guessed, the peppermint patty will act as your meat and the wafers as bunz.
I made only 3 burgers as to limit how many I could stuff my face with. I go in the order of bun, patty, ketchup, relish, bun, but feel free to change the order. Get creative and try making other toppings for your burgers like mustard, pickles, hot peppers, onion, or whatever toppingz your dream burger is stacked with.

These are hellah cute, so easy to make, and people will think you are amazing. Purrrfect to make for birthdays, holidays, or Sundays.

Plz go now & treat your friends, family, general loved ones and ofcourse yourself to these magical burgz.

Ema xo

PS. If you don’t like peppermint patties, I am sorry. I could not think of an alternative meat alternative. Maybe you guys have suggestions!?


  1. Posted March 31, 2014 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    haha, love these photos!



  2. Posted June 4, 2014 at 5:01 pm | Permalink

    chocolate ice cream for the patties !

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