Kastor & Pollux x Call It Spring: Summer Shoe Look Book


Summer is finally upon us(!!!!!), and that’s a cue to whip out both the toe cleavage and FULL-ON TOE REVELATION (if you haven’t already). Though it means we’ll have to groom the feet that have been hibernating in dark, moist holes a.k.a. winter boots over the last eight months, it’s a chore we’re more than happy to perform because #cute and #pampering and #girlytime. So, today we bring you this bare foot exposé in the form of a ~Summer Shoe Video Lookbook~ featuring 10 styles available at Call It Spring right at this very second. We included a whole slew of seXXXy sandals, matronly mules, gangsta gladiators, and SuPeR sneakers – all of which are essentially a requirement for any productive summer.

That said, we hope that you thoroughly benefit from our very informative documentary (read: outfit video) and the following grass-gilded, cloud-dazzled photos. Now, go forth and enjoy the sunlight!!!


G A L Z  N I G H T  O U T

BIANCA: Forever 21 top (c/o), Aritzia dress, Call It Spring shoes (c/o) / DANI: Forever 21 sunglasses (c/o), Club Monaco top, H&M skirt, Call It Spring shoes


Nothing says summer like a fun night out with friends (*AWWWWW*). But, a fun night out with friends isn’t truly a fun night out with friends if it’s missing a pair of sassy heels to dance in. We picked white and baby blue numbers to change things up, as the bottom of our closet is stacked to no end with black platforms. Light shoes are just as practical as dark ones, ladies!!! Don’t be afraid!!!




BIANCA: Tobi sweater, Forever 21 top (c/o), TNA leggings via Aritzia, Call It Spring shoes / DANI: Forever 21 sports bra (c/o), vintage shorts, Call It Spring shoes


Sadly, “sports” is hardly in our vocabulary. Though I was once a gymnast and Dani a track star, we have succumb to a lifestyle of comfortable beds and flaming hot Cheetos. But, this doesn’t mean we can’t pretend to be SpOrTy GaLz via baseball caps, bra tops, and yoga pants. We’ll throw on some sneaks or Chelsea boots and we’re good to go. “WoW, coming from the gym?” they’ll say. “Yes,” our outfits will reply.



P A T I O  C H I L L I N ‘

BIANCA: vintage top, MINKPINK jeans (via Lotus Leaf), Call It Spring shoes / DANI: vintage jacket, Forever 21 top (c/o), Motel Rocks skirt (c/o), Call It Spring shoes


Patio chillin’ is by far our favourite facet of summertime luvin’. Going out for lunch or drinks or lunchtime drinks with your pals is already *the best,* but throwing in some sun and a cool breeze takes it to a WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL. We chose boyfriend-style denim and comfy footwear for this look — lounging about and eating nachos demands it. Also, please note how Dani’s hand is in my pocket.



D O W N T O W N  S T R O L L

BIANCA: Wilfred dress via Aritzia, Forever 21 necklace (c/o), Call It Spring shoes / DANI: Tobi top, Cameo shorts, Just Female jacket (via Koshka (c/o)), Call It Spring shoes


Out of all of these looks, these are the ones you’d catch us in repeatedly. Because Dani works in the heart of downtown Toronto and I at a fancy outdoor shopping centre, we’re influenced to dress *hip* and *with it* at all times by our *hip* and *with it* peers. Plus, life is more fun this way. We think. Anyway, my cross-strap wedges and Dani’s gladiators are perfect accents for our day-to-day outfits, bein’ so sleek n all.



P A R K  H A N G S

BIANCA: Spektre sunglasses (c/o), vintage top, Forever 21 shorts (c/o), Call It Spring shoes / DANI: Forever 21 tank (c/o), H&M shorts, Call It Spring shoes


Park hangs are imperative for dog owners and picnic lovers like us! There’s always a good number of French bulldogs and a man who sells sandwiches out of his backpack at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, so it’s safe to say we’ll be ’round those parts p-r-e-t-t-y often this summer. Arm-bearing tops, shorts, and sandals are our sandwich-eating, blanket-sitting, sun-soaking uniforms; and they should be yours too.


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    i love your guys style so much, glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

  2. Posted July 4, 2014 at 6:40 pm | Permalink

    goooodness I admire your guys’ style. You make me want to bust out all the shoes I never bother wearing!


  3. Posted July 6, 2014 at 3:55 am | Permalink

    Great looks, girls!

    Oroma R.R.

  4. Posted July 8, 2014 at 10:17 am | Permalink

    All of these outfits are genious but the all denim ensemble is killing me (I need!).
    Love both of your styles♡

    X Andrea Devoto

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