Call It Spring, Summer, and/or Fall

ON BIANCA: Kastor & Pollux top, Forever 21 skirt, H&M trench coat, NTHNG beanie, Call It Spring Petrulo
ON DANI: Kit & Ace top, Kastor & Pollux skirt, Forever 21 varsity jacket, Call It Spring Jonalyn

ON BIANCA: Topshop slip dress, Warby Parker sunglasses, Call It Spring Petrulo
ON DANI: Aritzia bustier, Pixie Market skirt, Call It Spring Kaluwa

ON BIANCA: Aritzia bustier, Forever 21 sweatpants, Front Row Shop jacket, Call It Spring Abenasien
ON DANI: All vintage clothing, Call It Spring Kaluwa

ON BIANCA: Pixie Market blouse, Cameo shorts, Kastor & Pollux necklace, Call It Spring Abenasien
ON DANI: Aritzia t-shirt, Pixie Market skirt, Kastor & Pollux necklace (coming soon!), Call It Spring Jonalyn

I spend approximately 100% of my talking time on the weather. I know that, you know that, my mom knows that. A normal human being would attempt to focus on other topics after coming to this realization, but I a) am not a normal human being and b) can think of no other logical way to explain why Dani and I spent last weekend taking 14 million selfies in multiple outfits in varied amounts of layers. With that being said (read: long-winded and inane forewarning aside), I present to you my most groundbreaking introductory sentence: weather is unpredictable. It can be scorching hot and humid one day and bitingly cold the next, and the last few weeks in Toronto can rubber-stamp it. How are you (Torontonians/North Americans [in general]) supposed to keep up?!?!

!Luckily! we have a solution for you: transitional footwear. We each took two different pairs of shoes and styled them for both summer and the impending fall season. I chose classic lace-up boots and sleek, strappy flats; while Dani chose metallic oxfords and ankle boots with a baby heel. Although they’re all closed-toe styles, they’re just as good for jumping into piles of autumn leaves as they are for jumping into pools. OK, maybe not, but you get the gist: Call It Spring can also be called summer and fall. LOLz.

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  1. Posted August 29, 2014 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    love the grey, black and white coords on you guysss~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


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