K&P x Forever 21: Back To School Contest


Though it feels like summer’s just begun, the reality is that it’s almost over – and we say that in the least spirit-dampening way possible. For most of you, it’s time to take your golden tan straight to a classroom and trade your patio mojito for a coffee-dazzled all-nighter. School. The beautiful land of learning we all know and (subjectively) love. Sigh.

Dani and I have already completed our degrees and hung up our conventional educational institution hats foreva, so we’re excited about a whole whack of other things happening in September (all of which may or may not include jumping jacks, leap frog, cart wheels, and whatever else is happening in the above video). !BUT! we’ve got a lil’ surprise to get the rest of you amped up for Back To School: a Forever 21 contest! Whooooooo!!!

We’re giving away a $150 gift card to one lucky human. That’s 1.5 Forever 21 Benjamins to get swaggy for the new school year – which is quite the number considering the sale they got goin’ on right now. Like, look at this $18 backpack. Too good. Also, did I just say “get swaggy?” Lol.


Anyway, entering is simple. All you have to do is follow Forever 21 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook through the Rafflecopter app at the bottom of this post. Then, leave a comment below with your favourite item from their Back To School collection. The contest closes in a week (Wednesday, August 13 at 11:59 PM) so hop to it ASAP/after you scroll through these dramatic tennis court photos.

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**Contest open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) only**

PS if you are a dancer, you should maybe probably also enter Forever 21’s other Back To School contest for a cool $10,000 scholarship. You’re welcome.


Since moving in together, Bianca and I have spent a good chunk of our days talking about the future. Like any life partners/best friends/business partners, we often reminisce on the good times, laugh about the not-so-preferable times, rant about boys, and ponder what ~could be~ if we could just drop all of the aforementioned and focus on what we’re really seeking out (of life, Kastor & Pollux, lunch etc).

And while we’ve already established that these conversational elements are definitive of a working relationship, I think the more important thing to note is that they’re definitive of what Kastor & Pollux is. It’s a life(style) deal, sort of thing, and when we’re not thinking about lunch, we’re thinking about how lucky we are to be able to sustain all of the things that we love doing under one big umbrella that is rooted in both friendship and good times.

There’s a certain level of transparency in the blogging world – and while I understand and appreciate its value, Bianca and I have made it clear from the get-go that we won’t be doing it forever. We’ve never been ones to put all our eggs in one basket (and even though this means that we often wear ourselves thin), we’ve been lucky enough to find interests outside of styling clothes, posing for pictures, and writing generic copy.

This might seem a bit left-field, but when I seek out a brand deal, I write an elaborate pitch about what Kastor & Pollux is. However, as time has passed, I’ve realized that successfully “selling” yourself is really difficult when there’s no divide between you (as a person) and you (as a professional).

Nonetheless, I’m going to consider you, our audience, as a new brand deal, and take a hot moment to sell ourselves to you. Kastor & Pollux is, generally, a creative outlet. We design, source, and create clothing and jewelry. We code, occasionally. We illustrate, collage, and relentlessly use VSCOCam. We come up with obscene video ideas and [lovingly] coerce Olivia into executing them for us. We blog (duh). We do…well, anything that we want to do, really. But at the same time, we are also a business. We package said clothing and jewelry up and send it to you. We answer our emails (in a timely fashion, usually). We strategize, negotiate, and administrate. We produce. We send invoices. We file our receipts. We have spreadsheets, Google Docs, and a whiteboard. To do the fun stuff we have to do the…not-so-fun stuff. But in order to even have the opportunity to do the not-so-fun stuff, we need you!

Back in January when we did our first call for interns, we didn’t really know what to expect; to be honest, I aimlessly put up a post and crossed my fingers and my toes that I wasn’t completely out of line in asking for a bit of extra help. By some twist of fate, we were connected with Ema and Olivia who gave us the first taste of working with a team that extended past our selfish needs and wants.

While Ema’s term has ended, we have since brought on Olivia as a third triplet and our soon-to-be full time videographer/best friend – and without further ado, we’re looking for a couple more creatives to join our team. To apply, please send your resume to contact@kastorandpollux.com, the subject line being the position you are most interested in/qualified for, along with a bit about you/what you like/your favourite snack food etc. We like fun personalities, so if you can think of a creative way to present the above, go for it! (No pressure, though. We just want to hear from you!)


Mid-August – December 2014
(For potential to stay on board for longer, upon discussion).

Positions – up for negotiation, based on needs, desires, and skill-sets.

+ You’ll work directly with our videographer, Olivia, to shoot and edit video content

+ You’ll help conceptualize and storyboard video projects for our YouTube channel

+ We’re looking for a fashion student to work directly with Bianca and I to help with the design and production process for our F/W collection

+ You’ll hone in on your sewing skills by getting practical experience in the field

+ You’ll be an integral part of growing our reach across all our online platforms, by keeping our Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook updated with fresh and exciting content

+ You’ll help generate new blog and photo content in the realms of DIY, food, and general lifestyle content

+ You’ll help shoot our blog posts and product images for the shop

+ You’ll help us with the back-end portion of our online shop, and learn about the workings of an e-commerce business

+ You’ll help plan special projects and collaborations for pre-existing partnerships with international brands like Topshop and Forever 21

+ You’ll be an on-set assistant for seasonal shoots/creatives for the shop

+ You’ll be our +1 to events, sometimes

+ More…if you can dig it

+ Is passionate about friendship and also The Internet

+ Has the ability to work independently

+ Is able to adapt tone + style to fit brand standards

+ Understands the social/online content world and is able to come up with sharable, unique content ideas

+ Has strong writing and communication skills

+ Is organized and self-motivated

+ Must be based in Toronto


**Internship positions are on a volunteer basis, but we will buy you food**

**Deadline for applications is August 15th.**

!HOME TOUR! w/ Forever 21

As you may/may not already know due to our incessant social media updates, Dani and I recently moved into a brand new loft together. We figured it was the next step in our lifelong relationship together, and we were right — so far it’s been the most *beauteous* experience, like, ever. We get to hang out ALL THE TIME, our closets have become exponentially larger and we’re approximately 1 million times happier.

Though we’re still in the middle of getting settled in, here’s an obligatory set of !HOME TOUR! photos for a ~glimpse into our new lives~ (and, as mentioned, our growing closets featuring the most Forever 21 in the world).

In da living room with a big ol’ couch we painted white

Showing some luv to our cacti Tickley and Pickley, housewarming gifts from our best friend Matt

Holding one another in front of our wall of knickknacks, a daily activity

Dog butts. That is all.

Fabulous ceramic skull is fabulous

pEePiNg hehe

A better look at our knickknacks, feat Dani’s deezed biceps


In our studio/office where we get werq done

Desk, yo

My room!!!!!!!

Bein’ fashun

Dani’s room!!!!!!!

Bein’ fashun again

WoW colour coordinated rack WoW

ON DANI: Forever 21 blouse, shorts and hat
ON BIANCA: Forever 21 dress, shirt and hat

HOW TO MAKE: Easy Peasy Popsicles w/ Ema


Summer Treats r the best treats, amirite???

Bcuz I don’t have air conditioning I rely on cold treats to avoid physically melting. I make about 2.3 trips a day to the convenience store (on average) to grab some sort of ice treat. Sometimes it’s a slushie, sometimes it’s a snow cone, but it’s usually a popsicle. Fortunately for me, I recently made a genius purchase: a popsicle tray. Yes, folks, that’s right! I can now have unlimited popsicles!!! This is exciting. If you don’t already have one, go get one, right now, and then make these awesome fruit popz!

I chose to make these fruit pops for 2 main reasons:
1. I am obsessed with frozen fruit. **currently eating frozen grapes while creating this post**
2. I have an abnormal love for white grapefruit juice.



1. Popsicle tray (I got mine @ Dollarama)
2. White Grapefruit Juice
3. Berries (Blue, Black, Rasp, and Strawberry)
4. Bowl/plate
5. Knife





Cut your berries (or personal fruit preference) into smaller bits.
Fill each popsicle mold about 1/3 way full with fruity goodness.



Once there is a desirable amount of fruit in each mold, fill them up with the white grapefruit juice.
**Can we all just take a sec and ~reminisce~ on how cute those Welch’s commercials used to be?**

Put the provided popsicle sticks into each mold. They are now ready to go into the freezer!
They will need about 2-3 hours to be fully frozen. Try not to be impatient like me and pull at the sticks every half hour to see if they are frozen, they won’t be.


If you have a pool it’s probably a good idea to throw a pool party immediately and serve these pops. If you don’t have a pool, sprinkler parties r cool too.

~Enjoy & stay cool~


You can follow Ema on Instagram @ewaltez!!!

Mint Chocolate

ON BIANCA: Wilfred dress (worn open) via Aritzia, Forever 21 top, Solective shoes via Capezio (buy here)


ON DANI: Just Woman denim jacket via Koshka, Forever 21 dress, Topshop sunglasses, Jeffrey Campbell shoes via Capezio (buy here)



It’s National Ice Cream month – didn’t you know?

Since infancy, I’ve maintained an affinity for mint chocolate chip ice cream. While my appreciation for the flavour might stem from an infatuation with the perfectly pastel colouring, an inherent…peaceful quality to all things mint-flavoured(???)…also lends itself well to my treat consumption patterns.

In celebration of our favourite summertime snack (and in celebration of summer in general), we decided there would be nothing better than heaping piles of mint ice cream to accompany our mint outfits. And while the cones may be MIA from these photos, trust us when we say that they existed (though they didn’t last long).

Kastor & Pollux x Intermix: Pt. 2

DANI: Stella McCartney hat, 10 Crosby Derek Lam dress (buy here), Shellys London shoes
BIANCA: 10 Crosby Derek Lam shirt (buy here), Rag & Bone pants (buy here), Call It Spring shoes


When it comes to posing in dark abysses, you better believe that we bring ~da sass~. Questionable? Maybe. But while things may be hectic, that doesn’t mean we can’t throw on a pseduo-bucket hat and (try and) W E R K.

Though we’ve been practicing the art of cross-coordination since time, we’ve never found a match in heathered grey heaven quite like this Stella McCartney head companion and this split tank top by way of 10 Crosby Derek Lam. OoooO DUALITY. oooooOOoo FASHION.

SUPER SUNNIES: 2 DIYs with Call It Spring

Since we have a penchant for anything a lil’ kookier than your average, we took it upon ourselves to jazz up two pairs of sunnies from Call It Spring. Though they were fun, candy-coloured numbers on their own, all we needed was a little time and nail polish to kick them up a notch. So grab your CrEaTiViTy HaTz, boys and girls, we’re goin’ on a DIY adventure!!!!!!!!!!!

Call It Spring sunglasses with a thicker frame
– Masking or painter’s tape
– X-acto knife
– White nail polish
– Scissors
– Black nail polish

Completely cover the lenses in tape

Use an X-acto knife to trim the excess

Coat the frames in 3 layers of white nail polish. Be sure to wait for each layer to dry before applying a new one!

Cut 4-inch pieces of tape lengthwise into thinner strips.

Space the tape strips equally across the dried frames.

Coat the exposed parts with black nail polish.

Carefully peel off the tape. We didn’t wait for the black nail polish to dry to avoid cracking or chipping. You can also touch up any stray marks using nail polish remover.

Set the sunglasses to dry before wear — preferably surrounded by plastic flowers because #cute.


Call It Spring sunglasses with a thicker frame
– Masking or painter’s tape
– X-acto knife
– Scissors
– 2 packages of Call It Spring costume jewellery with sizable flower beads and stuff
– Glue gun
– White nail polish

Completely cover the lenses in tape and use an X-acto knife to trim the excess.

Break apart the costume jewellery using scissors.

Use a glue gun to begin a floral collage of sorts.

Coat the frames in 3 heavy layers of white nail polish. Be sure to wait for each layer to dry before applying a new one!

Carefully peel off the tape. You can also touch up any stray marks using nail polish remover.

Set the sunglasses to dry before wear. We put ours on a decorative porcelain skull because #interiordesign.

Now you’ve got two pairs of funky eyewear to protect your peepers ~in style~. Long gone are the days of squinting in the sun and causing damage to your corneas. You’re welcome!!! We love you too!!!

~PARTY NAILZ~ with Forever 21

Nail art has always been a strange and uncharted realm for Danielle and I — we’re more of the solid, neutral polish types. However, we’ve been dressing quite #minimalistic as of late, meaning our inherent quirkiness needs to surface in some way or another. Enter Forever 21’s KoOkY nail options — sure to put the *fun* in a *functional* look by way of confetti, glitter, and other childlike things we may or may not thoroughly enjoy on our 22-year-old fingertips.

This past weekend, we stocked up on nail colours and accessories to bring you a quick and easy way to jazz up yo digitz. YOU’RE WELCOME.

– Some kind of base colour nail polish (we chose one that reminds us of Dunkaroos because #maturity)
Nail decorations
– A pair o tweezers
– A clear top coat

Apply yo base colour

Apply yo base colour again

Take yo tweezers n carefully pick up yo lil’ confetti circles or rhinestones or whatever

Marvel at your mad skills and repeat steps 3-4 until you’re really feeling accomplished

Apply yo top coat

Hold your nail polish bottle and take a quintessential nail art photo for your Instagram

So there you have it, boys and girls. Dazzling nails for a dazzling human. Life changing — we know.

Kastor & Pollux x Intermix: Pt. 1

DANI: Stella McCartney hat, Elizabeth and James top (buy here), 10 Crosby Derek Lam skirt (buy here), Shellys London shoes
BIANCA: Markus Lupfer top (buy here), Equipment blouse (buy here), Intermix Exclusive skirt (buy here), Zara sandals


How are you guys doing? According to Bianca’s shirt, we’re doing OK!!! (But we are – seriously).

Hey hi hello! I know it’s been a while, but…better late than never, amirite? About a month ago, we teamed up with our pals at Intermix to rummage through their perfectly curated Bloor St. store and play dress up. For one full day, we were surrounded by a smattering of nice and cool and above-average clothing: and this is the first of three looks that we put together. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a variety of fancy garment bags lurking around your mediocre/not-fancy kitchen.

Also, double chins.

Kastor & Pollux x Call It Spring: Summer Shoe Look Book


Summer is finally upon us(!!!!!), and that’s a cue to whip out both the toe cleavage and FULL-ON TOE REVELATION (if you haven’t already). Though it means we’ll have to groom the feet that have been hibernating in dark, moist holes a.k.a. winter boots over the last eight months, it’s a chore we’re more than happy to perform because #cute and #pampering and #girlytime. So, today we bring you this bare foot exposé in the form of a ~Summer Shoe Video Lookbook~ featuring 10 styles available at Call It Spring right at this very second. We included a whole slew of seXXXy sandals, matronly mules, gangsta gladiators, and SuPeR sneakers – all of which are essentially a requirement for any productive summer.

That said, we hope that you thoroughly benefit from our very informative documentary (read: outfit video) and the following grass-gilded, cloud-dazzled photos. Now, go forth and enjoy the sunlight!!!


G A L Z  N I G H T  O U T

BIANCA: Forever 21 top (c/o), Aritzia dress, Call It Spring shoes (c/o) / DANI: Forever 21 sunglasses (c/o), Club Monaco top, H&M skirt, Call It Spring shoes


Nothing says summer like a fun night out with friends (*AWWWWW*). But, a fun night out with friends isn’t truly a fun night out with friends if it’s missing a pair of sassy heels to dance in. We picked white and baby blue numbers to change things up, as the bottom of our closet is stacked to no end with black platforms. Light shoes are just as practical as dark ones, ladies!!! Don’t be afraid!!!




BIANCA: Tobi sweater, Forever 21 top (c/o), TNA leggings via Aritzia, Call It Spring shoes / DANI: Forever 21 sports bra (c/o), vintage shorts, Call It Spring shoes


Sadly, “sports” is hardly in our vocabulary. Though I was once a gymnast and Dani a track star, we have succumb to a lifestyle of comfortable beds and flaming hot Cheetos. But, this doesn’t mean we can’t pretend to be SpOrTy GaLz via baseball caps, bra tops, and yoga pants. We’ll throw on some sneaks or Chelsea boots and we’re good to go. “WoW, coming from the gym?” they’ll say. “Yes,” our outfits will reply.



P A T I O  C H I L L I N ‘

BIANCA: vintage top, MINKPINK jeans (via Lotus Leaf), Call It Spring shoes / DANI: vintage jacket, Forever 21 top (c/o), Motel Rocks skirt (c/o), Call It Spring shoes


Patio chillin’ is by far our favourite facet of summertime luvin’. Going out for lunch or drinks or lunchtime drinks with your pals is already *the best,* but throwing in some sun and a cool breeze takes it to a WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL. We chose boyfriend-style denim and comfy footwear for this look — lounging about and eating nachos demands it. Also, please note how Dani’s hand is in my pocket.



D O W N T O W N  S T R O L L

BIANCA: Wilfred dress via Aritzia, Forever 21 necklace (c/o), Call It Spring shoes / DANI: Tobi top, Cameo shorts, Just Female jacket (via Koshka (c/o)), Call It Spring shoes


Out of all of these looks, these are the ones you’d catch us in repeatedly. Because Dani works in the heart of downtown Toronto and I at a fancy outdoor shopping centre, we’re influenced to dress *hip* and *with it* at all times by our *hip* and *with it* peers. Plus, life is more fun this way. We think. Anyway, my cross-strap wedges and Dani’s gladiators are perfect accents for our day-to-day outfits, bein’ so sleek n all.



P A R K  H A N G S

BIANCA: Spektre sunglasses (c/o), vintage top, Forever 21 shorts (c/o), Call It Spring shoes / DANI: Forever 21 tank (c/o), H&M shorts, Call It Spring shoes


Park hangs are imperative for dog owners and picnic lovers like us! There’s always a good number of French bulldogs and a man who sells sandwiches out of his backpack at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, so it’s safe to say we’ll be ’round those parts p-r-e-t-t-y often this summer. Arm-bearing tops, shorts, and sandals are our sandwich-eating, blanket-sitting, sun-soaking uniforms; and they should be yours too.


KASTOR & POLLUX is Bianca Venerayan and Danielle Roche. Everything found on this website (unless otherwise stated), is copyright K&P 2011-2014.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop us a line at contact@kastorandpollux.com.
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