Ying Yang Twins

*in luv*

ON DANI: Topshop crop top & shorts; Birkenstocks via Capezio
ON BIANCA: David Lerner crop top, Oak & Fort shorts, and Sam Edelman Adoras via Capezio


Anyone remember The Whisper Song? Welp, it’s barely relevant here. We just thought “Ying Yang Twins” was a really good title for this post. Anyway, we recently acquired two pairs of pool slide sandals from Capezio on opposite ends of the grayscale spectrum, so it was only natural to dress ourselves as mirror images of one another for our last Sunday stroll in the ‘hood. If you haven’t heard us talking about it incessantly over the last few weeks, we’ve moved into a live-in studio apartment together and so far it has been beautiful and perfect and great!!! Stay tuned for all our new adventures!!! Xoxo

Cooking With Kastor & Pollux! Forever 21 Edition

We’re about to reveal something we’ve never revealed before – so mark your calendars because today is a momentous day.

Bianca and I are actually culinary geniuses. Prodigies, if you will.

It took a few years of closeted cooking, but now that the cat is out of the bag, we decided to share with you how we executed a very easy and edible recipe – decked out in Forever 21 panda bodysuits.

If your interest is piqued, don’t hesitate to watch our first foray in the kitchen, and follow along if you think you can keep up with us ;)

Dani & Bianca are wearing: Panda Frenzy Bodysuit and Tropical Woven Shorts, both c/o Forever 21



Makin’ a Cameo

ON DANI: top and skirt; Topshop shoes and necklace (similar here; vintage sweater


ON BIANCA: Cameo The Label top and shorts; Call it Spring mules


Last summer, Danielle and I discovered a brand that meshed perfectly with our style (and souls) at a Mendocino event: Cameo The Label. Their designs somehow marry minimalism and maximalism flawlessly, not to mention they do print like nobody’s biz. Suffice to say, we’re absolutely smitten. So, when overflowing Cameo boxes appeared on our doorsteps, we cried tears of joy and held each other and stuff. Ain’t nothing like whitez n ice blooz to brighten a day.

Look out for their Backroads collection launching next month!!! In the meantime, fall in luv right now right here.

K&P x Fujifilm Instax

A couple of months ago, Bianca and I took our new Instax Mini 90’s out on the town for a fun lil project with Fujifilm.

If you didn’t already know, Instax Mini cameras are instant (read: Instax), itty bitty (read: mini) cameras that dispense memories in the form of (instant) polaroids. Oftentimes, when you’re relying solely on iPhone snaps, you take moments for granted – as you’re usually taking pictures that just accumulate in your camera roll/act as another puzzle piece to your curated Instagram feed. And while this could go for any analogue medium, taking polaroid pictures automatically give you something tangible to flip through; and further to that, the results are inherently self-gratifying (even when you mess up your shot!)

Ever since celebrating my graduation last May (and gifting myself with the wonder that is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8), I’ve been snapping polaroid pix pretty avidly – documenting everything from vacations to birthdays to basic nothing days. If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen my regular recordings of new polaroid snaps (whether it be a round-up of pictures from a trip or *that* ubiquitous polaroid wall looming over the side of my bed); and thus, you know that the aforementioned testimonial is very #true and very #accurate.

Our “photographer” page is now up on the new Instax website. You can check it out here, and see the full site here!

Deep Blue Sea

ON DANI: Forever 21 necklace, shorts, shirt (tied around the waist), and sneakers


ON BIANCA: Forever 21 bandeau, sunglasses, pants, and creepers


YO! In case you missed it, we’ve got a penchant for shades of blue, giant gold accessories, and holding one another. Luckily for us, our pals at Forever 21 have got all three on lock. Minus the latter, I guess. Technically it is their existence inspires us to do that – as they don’t sell friendship in stores, unfortunately.

With summer upon us, what better way to soak up the sun than with bare midriffs? Whether it be a printed bandeau or a jersey tank, parading around town with a selection of pixellated fish is all I really wanna do – but to each their own, I suppose!


When I was 10 years old, my parents traded in rolls of Kodak film in favour of a 1 megapixel digital camera from Canon. Albeit a bit rounded, this shiny, AA-battery-operated piece of equipment symbolized something pretty remarkable – a departure from analogue and a transition to “instant”; essentially revolutionizing the world of technology as we know it.

For some context, at the age of 10, I had just discovered the wonder and intrigue of Snake on my mom’s antenna-clad, non-flip, non-camera-equipped Nokia, was still invested in Pokemon Blue on my Game Boy Colour, and did not yet own a webcam to use in conjunction with my MSN Messenger account – but I digress…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been in charge of taking family vacation photos – scenic snaps of rolling white beaches and bustling city streets; cheesy shots of the clouds mid-air in the airplane; #selfies(?). I was consistently praised for having “a good eye”, (even though up until half a decade ago, my photography vocabulary was limited to flash vs. no flash and portrait vs. landscape), and always felt a sense of accomplishment for being able to apply the rule of thirds without actually knowing what the rule of thirds was.

When I started reading fashion blogs in 2008, having amazing photography wasn’t a prerequisite for success. Taking pictures was a critical component of the blogging experience, obviously, but 6 years ago, it was truly the subject matter that got the hypes – it wasn’t necessarily the composition or the quality of the photo that won an audience. However, as years have passed, and the blogging industry has become increasingly saturated, knowing how to work a camera to your benefit is absolutely invaluable – and in spite of this generation’s penchant for “the instant” via iPhone snaps, I wouldn’t trade in my DSLR for the world.

That said, for my 18th birthday, I got my first DSLR. It was only a beginners model – the Canon Rebel XS – but it seemed like the coolest and most legit thing ever. Now, about 3 cameras later, Bianca and I are shooting with today’s version – the T5i – and we’ve traded our kit lens for this and this.

Taking photos was never something we thought would become such an integral part of our careers. For one, it’s pretty surreal to think that self-documentation is a big enough “thing” to call a career, but here we are doing it. Whether it’s taking an outfit photo, a ridiculous video, a lookbook or product shot, we’d be pretty much nowhere without that first point-and-shoot that snowballed into bigger, better things.

At this point, we’ve been ~engulfed~ in the WWW of FaShIoN for over half a decade, but we’re still learning and growing – as designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and as 22 year olds, too. To get a better sense of what we’re about, check out the full MTV Originals episode – hosted by our good friend Phoebe Dykstra, and produced by Free Agency. You can also see the full website at www.mtv.ca/originals/kastorandpollux.

FRUIT LOOPZ: 2 DIY’s With Call It Spring

We know we previously expressed our love and appreciation for white footwear – but sometimes it’s good to shake it up a bit, y’know?

It was a dreary Sunday morning when team K&P decided to collectively invest our creative energy into transforming two pairs of white shoes (from Call It Spring) into two quirky, colourful masterpieces!!! Perhaps it was the prior consumption of Fruit Loops that sparked these artistic endeavours, but we would prefer to accredit our ~DIY extravaganza~ to preferable fruit aesthetics. #inspiration

So, as we *snapped*, *snacked*, and organized pom poms, our lovely interns Ema and Olivia painted, glued and made-over the following…

TOP: Collegiglioni / BOTTOM: Brienna

…into 2 fruity treats fit for a fruit salad.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in (because you 1) like Fruit Loops and 2) are bored/and feeling ~artistic~), please READ ON! Even if you’re not artistically inclined, both of these DIY’s are easy as 1, 2, 3 – and will be sure to make your feet *the most beautiful* (and also the most likely to make those surrounding you very hungry).


-Plain, white sneakers (We used CIS’s Brienna
-Teardrop-shaped flat-backed gemstones (We got ours from Dollarama)
-Acrylic paint (green, pink, black)
-Glue gun + glue stick


Paint the rubber sole of both sneakers green. You will need at least two coats of paint to get an opaque colour. (Tip: If you are not a very precise person, you can try and use painters tape to section off the bottom of the shoe).


Paint the entire canvas part of both sneakers pink.


Paint the teardrop-shaped gemstones black. These will be the “seeds” of the watermelon.


Use your glue gun to affix the “seeds” to the front of each shoe. (Tip: It might help to arrange them before you start gluing! We used 7 “seeds” per shoe.)


Once your shoes are dry, they’ll be ready to wear!
TA-DA! Wonderful watermelons for your feet!!!!



-White sandals (We used CIS’s Collegiglioni)
-Mini pom poms in various hues of pink and red (We got ours from Dollarama)
-Glue gun + glue stick


Organize your pom poms into piles – separating them by hue.
Essentially, each row of pom poms will be a different hue – and you’ll create a gradiation effect as you work from the bottom to the top.


Leave no negative space between your pom poms – and continue to glue the pom poms on, following this uniform pattern, until the entire surface area of your shoe is covered.


Hot glue dries fast – so before you know it, your sandals will be completely pom pom-ed out!



And there you have it! Two totally simple and totally cute DIYs: perfect for all your summer adventures! Wear ‘em to a picnic in the park. Wear them to the farmer’s market. Wear them to the zoo. Wear them on a boat. Wear them to whatever you please! You are free to do whatever you want because YOU MADE THESE and subsequently, YOU ARE PROBABLY THE BEST.

A Celebration of Twinship: K&P Turns 3

On one fateful day in 2008, the stars aligned and the world brought two lil girls from suburbia together. Three years later, on June 4th, 2011, Kastor & Pollux was born.

After 2 months of material-sourcing, relentless production, and brand-promotion, Dani and I released our first full collection – a mixture of jewellery and clothing. Encompassing handmade products, a blog, YouTube channel, various freelance writing projects and various freelance projects that can’t possibly be put into real categories, Kastor & Pollux is now what we/you have grown to know and (subjectively) love. We’ve been through a buttload over the last three years, but since we already posted a V extensive summary of our lives in 2013, here’s looking back at all the fun things we’ve done since then. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, KASTOR & POLLUX (read: our child), WE LOVE YOU!!!

A video that maybe kind of explains everything.


We hosted a pop-up shop at Sauvage and got turnt via wine and popcorn and friendship.


Lucky Magazine featured us as one of their ~Favourite Fashion Blogs From Around Da World~.


We launched a bling blangin’ jewellery collection for Summer 2013 and drew fun eyebrows on Ingrid.


A very good GIF collaboration with Clothes Encounters for MTV FORA.


We joined the Stylelist Canada team and proceeded to write many many articles about everything under the ~*sun*~ – including this article that talks about lipstick colours to suit your mood. FYI, orange means qUiRkY.


Inducing seizures with a new partnership with Forever 21 *hairflip*.

We made the Toronto Life‘s Most Stylish list!!! Yay!!!


Snapz from NYFW via Refinery 29.


Fuzzy wuzzy Fall Essentials with MINKPINK and Dr. Martens

A segment on After Degrassi where we picked apart da fashions on da show.


Jujumon rocking Kastor & Pollux in our Fall 2013 lookbook.


Launching Topshop at Sherway Gardens with our fellow brand ambassadors!!! Big scissors!!!


Not one but TWO features in Nylon Japan. S-T-A-R THAT’S WHAT WE ARE CUZ WE’RE BIG IN JAPAN.


We doubled our team and brought on 2 new bffz/lil helpers.


Call It Spring invited us to Montreal for some BTS action. Now we’re best friends.


We launched our S/S GAEA collection!!


…& we shot the lookbook and video with our ~DREAM TEAM~.


We wore our GAEA convertible dress for 15 days in 15 ways bcuz sustainability.


U ALREADY NO, but we’ll be at Topshop Queen St. this weekend! Read more here, and don’t forget to RSVP at topshoppersonalshopping@hbc.com!



So that’s that!!! Things will only get better from here (because WE’RE MOVING IN TOGETHER AND POTENTIALLY GETTING MARRIED), so cheers to the future!!! *cue champagne bottle popping and twerking*

TORONTO. UR INVITED: Kastor & Pollux x Topshop – Personal Shopping Meet & Greet + Edit

Hey y’alls! If you haven’t heard by now, we’ll be at TOPSHOP Queen Street West (Toronto) this Saturday, June 7 hosting a Personal Shopping ~extravaganza~. There will be lots of snacks, selfies, shopping, and friendship – and needless to say, we want you to join in on the fun!!!

Let us style you, pet you, hug you, etc etc by booking a completely complimentary appointment at topshoppersonalshopping@hbc.com.

Additionally, we’ve got a cute lil dedicated section in-store called ~The Kastor & Pollux Edit~ – signed with a giant board sitting on top of an easel!!! So art. So fashion! It’s been up in the store since Monday (and will be around until Sunday) – so bring your mom, your friends, and your mom’s friends to check it out.


Peep the K&P Edit – located right in front of Personal Shopping at TOPSHOP Queen Street.


Perfect for summer: A roster of brights, pastels, and metallics – in true K&P form.


Inside PS: 3 styled mannequins. (We had to sneak some cross-coordinated fun in there, obviously).


STICKERS ON HANGERS. This is official and legit.


So happy! So pumped! So excited to meet you all! Make sure to confirm your attendance by RSVP-ing to topshoppersonalshopping@hbc.com. Bye!

K&P Turns 3 Years Old!!!



Though the *big day* is technically tomorrow, there’s nothing wrong with a few premature haikus, right?

Hi everyone. Ema and Olivia here.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 months since we joined the K&P team. It seems like just yesterday that we slipped into our unicorn onezies and took on the hard task of being Dani & Bianca’s new BFFZ. We are so happy to be part of the team and to celebrate the big ~3 YEAR~ mark with two of the greatest galpals any gal could have.

To commemorate their hard work over the last 3 years/show our love and appreciation for these two incredible humans, we attempted haikus…which are more so just words put into incomplete sentences. ~*~*~*Enjoy*~*~*~


Long-lost twins brought together by music,
Plastic Skyline takes form,
Where do we go from here,
Gemini twins with an inseparable bond,
Kastor and Pollux


The wind in our hair
A big city below us
Unicorn onesies


How do u cat eye
What r u wearing 2day
O Cheeseycakey!


Food court ramblings
The conversation ignites
~*GaSp*~ BaNaNas


Marble wall
Does this look cool
I want snacks


Is this love?
Cheers 2 the future



Dani & Bianca, we luv you. BIG TYME!!



KASTOR & POLLUX is Bianca Venerayan and Danielle Roche. Everything found on this website (unless otherwise stated), is copyright K&P 2011-2014.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop us a line at contact@kastorandpollux.com.
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