Nerdy Dads

ON BIANCA: Forever 21 blouse, Oak + Fort pants, Quay Sunglasses, Senso Sandals via Capezio

ON DANI: Forever 21 hat, H&M dress, Richer Poorer socks, Swedish Hasbeens sandals via Capezio

If you know anything about us, you know that we’re V into man-repelling garb — especially when it involves conventional nerdy dad footwear ie. socks with sandals and Birkenstock-esque silhouettes. Lucky for us, we own an infinite amount of fun, printed socks and Capezio’s got quite the selection of ~trendy foot bedazzlers~ so we didn’t look totally frump-tastic the last time we went for a leisurely stroll down a Bay street alleyway. If you’re looking to deflect the opposite sex along with us, use the code DANI-BRAID10 to get 10% off the Swedish Hasbeens Braid and/or BIANCA-IGGY10 for a discount on the Senso Iggys!!! ENJOY!!!

Parking Garage Hangz

ON DANI: Forever 21 tunic, varsity jacket, skirt, and shoes (similar here)


ON BIANCA: Forever 21 tunic, wide leg pants, hat and shoes


There’s nothing quite like a handful of billowing garments to /really/ set the mood for the beginning stages of summer. I know we say it time and time again, but there’s nothing quite like replacing our stuffy sweaters in favour of sheer tops and crepe pants.

While these outfits may be better suited for a casual walk in the ~sunshine~, hanging in-and-around a parking garage kind of suffices…so thank you, F21 for granting us the ability to practice our casual sitting poses without being indecent.

HOW TO MAKE: Pink Chocolate Bowls w/ Ema

Summer is finally here!!! And IDK about you, buuut for me that means bring on the ice cream. Think of your dream ice cream sundae; does it have whipped cream? marshmellows? chocolate drizzle? Now, how much better would that sundae be if you could eat the WHOLE thing? Literally.

Too abstract of a concept for you to comprehend? Well, why don’t I put it this way: Why put food in a regular bowl when you can put it in a chocolate bowl?! Not only is it economical (because the environment + saving waste, duh) but it’s also delicious. Let’s be change the world: one pink chocolate bowl sundae at a time.


If you want in on the fun you’ll need:
1. Balloons (1 ballon = 1 bowl)
2. White chocolate chips
3. Pink food colouring ( or whatever colour you prefer)
4. Bowl & spatula for mixing
5. Parchment paper
6. Tray or table to lay p. paper on
7. Scissors


Take a balloon and blow it up to about the size of a grapefruit.

(But keep in mind that the bigger the balloon, the bigger the bowl. If you can manage to blow up a balloon that is the size of a watermelon size balloon, go ahead and send me the results.)


Pour the chocolate chips into a microwaveable safe bowl. Microwave for approx. 40 seconds or until you get the right liquidish (makin up wordz) consistency.

*Not all the chips will be melted, give it a few stirs to fully melt the chocolate.*



This is where you add the ~fun~ – AKA the pink food colouring OR the colour of your choice OR feel free to leave the mixture white.


Let the chocolate cool for a few seconds before you dip the bottom of the balloon into the bowl. Be wary, because if you dip the balloon into hot chocolate lava it will burst. Coat the bottom of the balloon by twirling the bottom half in the chocolate. When you think it has enough of a chocolate coating, remove the balloon and place it onto the parchment paper.



If you have an empty fridge like me (help me I’m poor), place the balloons in the fridge for a few hours to cool/harden. If there’s no room in your fridge, leave them in a cool, dark room to harden.
Once the bowls are hardened, take scissors and cut a small hole at the top of the balloon to slowly ooze the air out of the balloon. Don’t pop the balloon bcuz it may crack the bowl. Once all the air is gone, slowly peel the balloon from the chocolate.


Now it’s up to you to create your dream sundae in your new chocolate bowl! (OR whatever yumminess you’d like to fill these bowlz with). Be sure to show us your yummy creations.


Mary the Pineapple


ON DANI: Forever 21 cami tank top, rhinestone necklace and round sunglasses



ON BIANCA: Forever 21 cami tank top and rhinestone necklace


Pineapples make great props/friends – who woulda thunk?

This week, Bianca and I were joined by a very sweet and special guest who we decided to name Mary. Though Mary’s exterior is rather…spiky, we discovered that she is truly a kind and gentle soul. She is also the perfect model for sunglasses – as her symmetrical nature makes any pair of frames look proportional, desirable, and generally very ~glamorous~. (Now if only I could say the same for my own face lols).

Since we’ve been able to exit our houses with our limbs bared (read: just our arms and legs – nothing more), we’ve been sportin’ a variety of spaghetti-strapped garments. Though our late teenage years were spent fearing these skinny straps reminiscent of the weird faux-pauxes of the mid-90’s, we have learned to embrace these lil buddies with open arms. After all, what screams ~sexy~ ~sassy~ ~skinny~ than the simplistic lines of barely-there straps? Should I write a haiku to express my glee? Maybe not.

Anyway, these two tanks by way of Forever 21 have served us well during the sudden pseudo-heatwave. Not only are they great for layering, but they’re also the perfect compliment to a flippy skirt and a pineapple friend.


And when the weather warms up a tad bit more…


#shortslyfe #shortlife


You know those “trust” activities where you have to lean back and fall into a strangers’ arms? Embarking on ~The Blindfolded Makeup Challenge~ was much the same – except instead of falling backwards, we touched each others’ faces…at length.

Shortly after returning from New York in February, Bianca and I cozied up on my bed (under the careful gaze of Olivia and Ema), and tied one, single sensual silky scarf over our eyes. “Hold still!” we grunted, as our brushes aggressively attacked cosmetic products by way of MAC and Benefit. “It’s not that bad! Trust me! I feel good about this!”

The result? See below:



While reflecting back on this moment in time is momentarily embarrassing, it’s easy to recover when there’s nearly 9 minutes of footage to prove that even when hideously unattractive, our comedic timing is still impeccable. (Lol jk. Not really).

If you, too, are interested in being hilariously unattractive with your best friend, here are OTHER things that this challenge is good for:







Happy Monday, y’all!

ICYMI: Kate Moss x Topshop x Kastor & Pollux

In case you missed it, Kate Moss x Topshop launched last week – and it’s ~fabulous~. We’ve been rolling out these pix from 1) our wedding and our 2) telephone escapades on all our Instagram accountz (@kastorandpollux, @daniesque, and @biancavenerayan), but we figured we would make the search a bit easier for y’all by compiling one concise blog post featuring all of our KM-induced bliss.


Of course you can shop the collection on and in-stores! There are still a lot of great things available – including this sassy lil spaghetti-strapped number that has been tempting me since day one.



White Out

White shoes are something we’ve slowly been collecting over the last few months — though they stick out like a sore thumb in the sea of black boots sitting at the bottom of our closets, we think they’re just as significant of a staple. You can wear white sneakers to contrast an all-black outfit, white platforms to break up pastel hues, white sandals to complete a head-to-toe white look. Truly, the possibilities are endless!!! Anywhere you could wear black shoes, you could swap for white.

Now, we recognize it can be a bit daunting to stray away from your usual footwear routine and put on a pair that’s literally the opposite of what you’d normally choose, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to welcome you into the wonderful world of white via 3 cross-coordinated outfit sets – Call It Spring shoes included.

BIANCA: Express earrings, Aritzia dress / DANI: H&M bra, Brandy Melville dress, Call It Spring clutch (buy here)


The first is what we’d wear on ~a night on the town~ because #dancingheels and #dancingdresses. Please also take note of our hair cross coordinating with our clothes. Though this is not a requirement to wear white stilettos, it’s definitely an added bonus that you should attempt to emulate on your own. Just grab your bestie/somebody from the street, have them dye their hair to match your dress, and keep them beside you at all times. Trust us, you’ll look smashing together on the dance floor.

BIANCA: Forever 21 top, Motel Rocks skirt / DANI: MINKPINK dress, vintage shirt


A casual walk in the park or any other casual outing requires casual sneakers. We decided to play with sheers, stripes, and straps to amp up our casual outfits. We’ve also got a handful of plastic flowers – which are once again not required although they make things significantly more fun.

BIANCA: Motel Rocks dress (as top), Margiela x H&M necklace, Topshop shorts / DANI: Lacoste polo, Forever 21 dress


Last but not least’s a couple o’ leather-laden looks that we’re not quite sure has a theme as discernable as the rest. Is it brunch attire? Festivalwear? Picnic garb? The answer is all of the above; applicable to a number of different occasions, these outfits are something you can just throw on any given summer day. Don’t forget your white shoes to tie together your collar or the print in your blouse!

How do you wear white shoes?


ON DANI: Forever 21 crop top, skirt, and shirt; Circus by Sam Edelman Cruz sneakers via Capezio

ON BIANCA: H&M bra top and pants; Senso Bertinas via Capezio

We’ve got everything down on lock. Or rather, gridlock. Hehe.

Last week, Bianca said farewell to her undergrad degree (AT LONG LAST), and we’ve been kickin’ it into overdrive with 1) new shoes from Capezio and also 2) work, work, and more work. The month of May always signifies new beginnings – and it’s crazy for me to think that it’s been more than a year since !!I!! finished my undergrad. The weather outside might still be a teeny tiny bit frightful, but we’re optimistic that there are bright things to come (read: the sun).

If you guys are still in the thick of exams: good luck to you! Just remember that it’ll be all over soon, and the sleepless nights and permanent caffeine-to-bloodstream infusion will all be worth it.

~A special treat~: Want the shoes we’re wearing in this post? Use the codes DANI-Take10 and BIANCA-Take10 for 10% off!!!

THE ICON HAS RETURNED: Kate Moss for Topshop is here!

If the handful of billboards, posters, and Instagram pics weren’t telling enough, Kate Moss and Topshop have done it again – and the collection launched TODAY!!! Yes, you heard that correctly: the ~icon~ is back and now available for purchase! (Kind of!)

No longer do we have to keep an overwhelming/overburdening amount of excitement pent-up inside our tiny bodies. No longer do we have to stay isolated from the rest of our people (read: avid Kate fans and Topshop devotees). /Finally/ we can shop the collection empty out our wallets and add some all pieces from this well-rounded collection into our ever-growing wardrobes…because 1) Kate and because 2) iconic, duh. Whether you’re seeking a full-length lace gown, the perfect paisley pajama pairing, or a pretty lil yellow chiffon dress (that, FYI, reminds us of lemon meringue pie and also angels), Kate really /does/ have u covered (literally, figuratively, etc).

Covering all 4 aspects of her personal style, this collection (deemed by us as *The Best Fashion Debacle Ever*), is a complete conglomerate of casual, fancy, really casual, and really fancy items – all, of course, the ~ideal~ selection of items to be paired with a digital projector.


Along with our talented videographer, Olivia and professional prop styler Ema, we put together this lil video – which is essentially the result of spending a weekend projecting various botanical animations on our bodies (and then standing in/around plants because #meta. And then tilting our unimpressed facez to the beat of a seagull squawk). Seeing us being serious and sUrReAl (not casual), sErIoUs (not happy), PeNsIvE (not hyper) might be a bit alarming – but fear not. We are DRAMATIC and this is ACTING. Because in actuality, we were actually peeing ourselves from being soOOOo excited, and were unable to convey this excitement into genuine smilezzz for the camera.

Now enjoy these head tiltz:


BIANCA: Paisley Print Silk Overcoat / DANI: Paisley Print Wide Leg Trousers



BIANCA: Crochey Lace Maxi Dress / DANI: similar



DANI: Shadow Stripe Print Jumpsuit / BIANCA: Snake Trim Suede Dress




You can shop the entire KM collection on!

HAPPY SPRING! With Call It Spring


ON DANI: Forever 21 top, Kastor & Pollux ‘Pleated Pants’ (buy here), Call It Spring ‘VITERETA’ (buy here)



ON BIANCA: H&M necklace, Kastor & Pollux ‘Reversible Tank’ (buy here), Club Monaco pants, Call It Spring ‘CERREGGIO’ (buy here)


Though everyone and their moms are keeping a positive mindset about spring rearing its beautiful head post-polar vortex, we couldn’t help but feel a little defeated every day this past week when we stepped outside to perpetually nippy temperatures, grey skies, and occasional snowfall. “Hang in there!” said the Monday morning news guy, “we’re so close!”

On most days, we’d react by shutting off the television and turning our attention to our floor-to-ceiling windows, meant to let plenty of sunshine in to start the day. Our eyes would fall to the floor in gloomy realization that there is no sun, only large clouds and cruel winds. A single tear would fall from each one of our eyes (that’s four tears in total, BTW). But, today was different — when the anchor chirped with his usual positivity, Danielle and I jumped up and squealed, “HOORAY 4 SPRING!!!” as 5th Dimension’s Age of Aquarius began to play in the background.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, none of the above events happened. That story was just a long and metaphorical way to describe Monday’s very real reality: shopping for shoes. The aforementioned newscaster was actually a Call It Spring sales associate bringing us boxes of parties for our feet, the squeal went more like “HOORAY 4 CALL IT SPRING!!!” and Age of Aquarius was actually a fellow shopper whispering “What is wrong with those two?” to a friend.

Unfortunately, the cold weather wasn’t part of the façade, but we don’t care! We now have fun, warm-weather footwear and graphically superimposed tulips at our disposal!!! Who needs real spring when you’ve got CALL IT SPRING SHOES and SPRING FLOWERS IN PIXEL FORM?! The answer is nobody.

Anyway, we picked two *very* wearable styles to show y’all today: white open-toed mules and minimal flat sandals. We love the extra height of the former and the comfort factor of the latter – plus, they both look g-r-e-a-t with full-length pants, especially compared to the frumpy boots we’re used to dragging through the snow. Overall, we’re soops happs with how these looks turned out. So soops happs that we decided to shimmy distastefully in Dani’s living room!!! Check out the video below to watch us in slow motion (and potentially cringe from the awkwardness):

Was that life changing or was that life changing? Let us know in the comments section below, along with your personal cold weather vice!



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