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Fifteen Days of GAEA: Part 5

    …And we’re done! #15DaysOfGAEA – our fun-filled, 2-week journey wearing Kastor & Pollux’s Convertible Dress – may be officially over, but our penchant for sustainability in fashion certainly isn’t. We’ll continue to keep quality, timelessness, and ethical/eco-friendly production in the back of our minds during every shopping stint, and we certainly hope we’ve […]

Fifteen Days of GAEA: Part 4

    Now that we’re on our second-last installment of #15DaysOfGAEA, we’re a little sad to see the end of the road. It’s been a fun-filled week-and-a-bit of hustling over to Dani’s living room to snap a quick outfit shot every morning, and we’ll definitely miss seeing one another every single day. We’ll probably still […]

Fifteen Days of GAEA: Part 3

    After weeks and weeks of talking about it, our SS 2014 collection/the namesake behind 15 Days of Gaea LAUNCHED YESTERDAY. And now, the convertible dresses (we’ve been relentlessly wearing for the past 9 days) are now available for purchase! Though we’re currently in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Toronto Fashion […]

Fifteen Days of GAEA: Part 2

    In an attempt to reform our fashion consumption, we embarked on an #ecofashion journey where we wear the same Kastor & Pollux dress – from our soon-to-launch s/s ’14 collection GAEA – every day for 2 weeks. It’s our way of living even a smidge more minimally and consciously in an industry that […]

Fifteen Days of GAEA: Part 1

In a day and age where everyone wants more, Danielle and I realized the importance of scaling back in all aspects of our lives — no matter how big or small the gesture. Fashion, therefore, is but one area we’ve intended to improve on. With closet space running out faster than ever, we’ve slowly begun […]