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On: Peace, Love, and Happiness (literally)

At the start of this year, Danielle and I resolved to add a brand new facet – in addition to our personal style – to the blog. Moodboards + Musings (M + M) is exactly what it sounds like: an ongoing series of posts uncovering our opinions, goals, inspirations, and overall deepest #feels like you’ve […]

On: Tinder, etc.

Last month, I divulged the inner-workings of my brain in terms of commitment issues that aren’t actually commitment issues so I could preface this (not so intimidating) post about Tinder – the notoriously shallow dating app created for folk that enjoy objectifying members of the opposite sex in their spare time. Like everyone else, I […]

On: Pseudo-Commitment Issues

Boys. I’m a fan of them, and I’m sure you are too. Whether or not you’re single, admitting that you appreciate the male species (as a whole) is not a difficult feat. However, acknowledging the aforementioned and actively seeking out a relationship are not necessarily synonymous – and I can be the first one to […]

On: Why 2013 Was The Biggest Year Of My Life

After convincing myself that I was a (mostly) stable and predominantly independent/~thriving~ young women, I made the executive decision to move out of my parents’ house in the suburbs to live with a girl I met on Neopets more than a decade ago in the heart of downtown Toronto. Considering the fact that I struggled […]