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You know those “trust” activities where you have to lean back and fall into a strangers’ arms? Embarking on ~The Blindfolded Makeup Challenge~ was much the same – except instead of falling backwards, we touched each others’ faces…at length. Shortly after returning from New York in February, Bianca and I cozied up on my bed […]

A Month With Stylelist Canada! (Part 2)

After working with someone for nearly a quarter of your life, throwing around concepts in a two-person think tank can get a bit redundant – after all, adapting a sense of what the other person is thinking comes with the territory of sharing one communal brain. That’s why I was so surprised when this batch […]

How to: Fake thick eyebrows

As I mention at the beginning of this video, I’ve been getting quite a few questions about how I do my eyebrows, so here’s my first-ever how-to makeup video. Forgive me if it’s too weird, long, or uninformative. I did the best I could!!!