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A Year In Instagram Photos

I’m pretty sure 2013 was *the best year* in terms of effective ~social media~ usage – so it seemed only fitting to do an intense Instagram retrospective (that might’ve taken me 3+ hours to filter through and compile…but anyway).   We created the @kastorandpollux Instagram account exactly ONE YEAR FROM TODAY and have since grown […]

A Year In Generally Cool Things

If you haven’t heard by now, we’ve made the conclusion that 2013 has been our biggest year yet. With a whole slew of creative projects and an ungodly amount of cross-coordinated outfits under our belts, it’s safe to say we really outdid ourselves this time around and we couldn’t be happier/prouder about it! Luckily, we’re […]

A Year In Cross-Coordinated Outfits

From the crowded streets of New York to our typical Torontonian stomping grounds, 2013 was, without a doubt, the year of cross-coordinated outfits and general #twinsie dressing. If you thought it took you a long time to get ready in the morning, think about how much time we’ve wasted spent over the past 365 days […]

Instagram: May in Review

Hi everyone. We’re going to do this generic Instagram roundup every month until 1) Instagram becomes obsolete or 2) We run out of things to fool you, the general public, into thinking we lead semi-cool/semi-notable existences. Since our days are no longer being obstructed by school, this month has given us a taste of FREEDOM, […]

My Mendocino Moment Party

  On Bianca: ASOS dress (similar styles here and here), Cameo skirt via Mendocino (similar styles here and here), vintage shawl (similar styles here and here), Topshop earrings, Mags shoes (similar styles here and here) On Dani: Vintage dress (similar styles here and here), Cameo skirt via Mendocino (similar styles here and here), Emporio Armani […]

The Etsy Saga: Auroras & Sirenas

On Dani: Auroras & Sirenas skirt (contact the shop for a custom set of your own!), vintage bustier (similar style here), Miista shoes c/o Fortyeight (similar styles here and here), H&M tank top (similar style here) and earrings (similar styles here and here)   On Bianca: Auroras & Sirenas top (contact the shop for a […]