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A Year In Instagram Photos

I’m pretty sure 2013 was *the best year* in terms of effective ~social media~ usage – so it seemed only fitting to do an intense Instagram retrospective (that might’ve taken me 3+ hours to filter through and compile…but anyway).   We created the @kastorandpollux Instagram account exactly ONE YEAR FROM TODAY and have since grown […]

Happy Halloween via Stylelist Canada

Considering Halloween is fast approaching (on a super ~wild~ Thursday, no less), we figured we should do a quick roundup of posts from Movie Inspired Fashion – our bi-weekly series on Stylelist Canada. Though you might’ve perused some of these articles in the past, would it really hurt to look at some of them again? […]

NYFW With Stylelist Pt. 2

We’ve been back in Toronto for nearly a week now, but that doesn’t stop us from reminiscing on the good/bad/okay times we had in New York. Like every time we depart from our everyday responsibilities (for more than a couple of days), the week following our return is essentially dedicated entirely to catching up on […]

NYFW: A ~Fashion~ Retrospect pt. 1

Ima be honest with you. When we hopped on an early-morning plane to New York to partake in our second NYFW, we knew it wasn’t all going to be rainbows and butterflies. In fact, we spent the week prior to our depature preparing to embark on a hectic (and fashion-filled) week of sleepless nights and […]

NYFW With Stylelist Pt. 1

There’s nothing worse than leaving your city only to realize you’ve left something behind. Scratch that — there’s nothing worse than leaving your city for New York Fashion Week only to realize you’ve left something behind. The hustle and bustle of quite possibly the busiest city in the world during the busiest week of the […]

A Month With Stylelist Canada (Part 3)

With our respective “vacations” cutting into the first third of August, the past couple of weeks have been spent playing an intense game of catch…up; completing jewelry orders, finalizing NYFW plans, putting the final touches on our Fall clothing collection, and, of course, writing a plethora of fun articles for Stylelist Canada. While we enjoy […]

Stylelist Canada Launches!

Bianca and I are fortunate enough to join some of Canada’s most inspirational bloggers in the launch of AOL’s fashion/beauty website, Stylelist Canada. Penned as a website aiming to cover everything “fresh and fabulous,” you can only imagine that K&P jumped whole-heartedly and at full-throttle into the project…since we are pretty much the epitome of […]